Upgrade and Take Control With The Biometric Attendance System Project

Biometric Attendance System Project Helps Track Hourly Employees

A biometric attendance system project gives your company a way to track your employees without using an RFID badge or keep track of time cards. While the term project may make it seem like it will take time to replace your current system and get a new biometric attendance system project up and running, it actually only takes a few minutes. The entire biometric attendance system project means you need to take your old system and replace it with a new system that uses employee fingerprints to track time and attendance.

Save Time and Money
If your company still uses time cards, it’s time to update your system and start a biometric attendance system project. The system is based on a simple, plug and play fingerprint reader. When an employee arrives at work, instead of punching in an employee code, using an RFID badge that can get lost or even worse, punch an antiquated time card machine, they simply press their finger against the fingerprint reader. The reader can recognize the fingerprint and clock the employee in and out. If the employee doesn’t show up, your managers get notified by text, email or both. Avoid costly time theft and make sure employees only get paid for the time they are at work. It won’t make your employee work any harder, but it will allow you the chance to catch employees that continually eat up company resources by clocking in late.

Biometric Attendance System Project Package
Let MinuteHound Guide You To Savings!The entire biometric attendance system project package comes with everything you need to get started. All you must provide is a computer to attach the fingerprint reader. What would you pay for an attendance system that never makes a mistake? Think of the time and money you will save by not having to manually edit an employee that clocks in incorrectly or accidentally uses the wrong code or card. You no longer need to worry about employees losing their badges, taking the time and cost to print new ones or play nanny to make sure other employees don’t clock each other in. The service only requires a basic monthly service fee and provides complete 24/7 round the clock support. This service is the only time and attendance service you will ever need. All equipment, software and support is provided in the basic monthly fee.

Training Employees and Management
The biometric attendance system project is simple to install, but even easier for managers and employees to use. The system requires no training, doesn’t have any complex courses that managers must take and uses an intuitive and easy to understand process to track employee time. There are no learning curves and no commitments. You pay each month for the service and can cancel any time. A biometric attendance system project will save you the hassle that comes with tracking employees manually.

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Attendance System Project.

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