Improved Payroll Reporting With Biometric Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance: Improved Record Keeping

Time and attendance systems help your company reduce clutter, control paperwork and manage your employee time and attendance records more easily. Using biometric fingerprint technology, you can get a more effective and simple system to track your data. Time and attendance systems reduce the chance for errors in your company and can improve your overall productivity. Time and attendance systems are easy to install, require no training and can be employed anywhere.

How it Works
A biometric time and attendance company uses a fingerprint reader to scan your employees. Biometric fingerprint technology takes an individuals unique fingerprint and compares it to your other employees. It matches the fingerprint and allows the employee to clock in or out. Connect the reader to any computer and you’re ready to go. It requires no special configuration, training or effort to set up and use. You can connect it to a portable laptop or a dedicated computer in your business to track employee attendance.

The Technology
Time and attendance results get stored safely using encryption to protect sensitive data. The system uses 128-bit encryption for data transfer. The simple reader requires no additional equipment that you need to maintain and update. Unlike many other services, you can also use the service with more than one company. This makes it possible to use it for advanced dedicated purposes, like tracking managers when they use the safe or to take roll at a meeting.

Prevent Time Theft
Attendance Management SystemTime theft can cost a company money each year. Employees can clock in and out using traditional software with no oversight. Fingerprint time and attendance systems prevent this by requiring the employee to place their finger on the pad to clock in or out. This prevents abuse by a supervisor, manager or other employee that might cover the late employee’s shift. Employees quickly learn that they must arrive on time. If a mistake is made, a manager can go in and edit the schedule. But, an audit will reveal the difference between an organic clock in or out and a manual one.

The time and attendance software is unlike any time tracking software you have used before. This software has advanced capabilities and can send a text message or email to alert managers and owners when an employee clocks in late or doesn’t clock in. This makes it possible to confront late employees and address the issue before it gets worse. When it comes time for an employee review, you have all the data you need to prove why a late employee has not earned that next raise. For more serious abuse of the system, an employee can be given a suspension or termination notice and the manager can be confident using accurate time and attendance records.

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