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Avoid Losses. Upgrade to MinuteHound’s Hand Scanner Time Clock

The MinuteHound hand scanner time clock can save your company massive amounts in expenses each year. Every year, companies of all sizes report loses of 5% of their total payroll due to buddy punching and time theft. With a better time keeping system, you could avoid those big numbers and start saving money. MinuteHound’s hand scanner time clock makes your time and attendance easier, streamlined and more efficient.

The MinuteHound hand scanner time clock works off of a type of technology designed for use in the most confidential of military bases. The way the hand scanner time clock works is by simply using the biometric fingerprint scanner to identify if a person is present. It is a secure method of verification that can then automatically allow a user to be considered present at work based on the time the fingerprint was scanned. All this information is available 24/7 via our web portal. Just log in and manage your reports whenever you have time!

Hand Scanner Time Clock: Your Cost Efficient Solution

With MinuteHound’s hand scanner time clock, your company no longer has to worry about paying employees unauthorized overtime or ask a buddy to sign in for them. It also means that time cards no longer have to be handled or ordered. There is no inventory to keep with MinuteHound!

128-Bit Encryption From MinuteHoundThe best part about the hand scanner time clock is that it is developed to be absolutely secure. It encrypts data with 128-bit encryption and then transmits it to a remote, secure server. We built MinuteHound’s hand scanner time clock on cloud technology. This means that any information, such as an employee’s time records and the amount of employees signing in at a location, can all be verified from anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

The MinuteHound hand scanner time clock is a viable, cost efficient alternative to the traditional system of time keeping. It’s easy with no training required and can be set up with any POS system that has a USB port. The MinuteHound hand scanner time clock also has one of the best customer support programs in the industry and the product itself comes with a money back guarantee. Most of our clients see a return on their investment in their first month. Join the list of satisfied clients, start saving money today!

MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Contracts. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Hand Scanner Time Clock. Stop Wasting Time! Upgrade Today!

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