Plug And Play USB Fingerprint Scanner Turns Any PC Into A Time Clock!

The Biometric USB Fingerprint Scanner As Your Time Clock

MinuteHound’s biometric USB fingerprint scanner will turn any PC into a time clock! Right now, you probably use time sheets or a machine to record the time and attendance of your staff. You could already be using a computer and having your employees enter their pin and password to record their time worked. Regardless of how you record this time, it is costing you money. The reason why is if your not using biometrics, there is no way to verify the time. By using a USB fingerprint scanner, your employee’s swipe their finger to clock-in and out of work verifying who they are. By using biometrics in your workplace, cheating is gone. Buddy punching and time theft are over. Your reports are accurate, and your payroll will be correct.

The USB fingerprint scanner typically arrives at your door 2-3 days after you setup an account. The total price of the scanner, is $99.95! That’s right, a one time fee of $99.95 that is backed for life. If you ever decide to cancel your subscription to MinuteHound, you get that money back. So in 2 months or 20 years, you can return the USB fingerprint scanner for a full refund of the scanner price. The best part is MinuteHound is broken down into a monthly subscription, so you only pay for what you need. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, the price fits any budget.

Plug And Play: USB Fingerprint Scanner Is Easy To Install

How easy? Try 4 simple steps! The USB fingerprint scanner is easy to install and requires no technical knowledge. You download the software and register the scanner in under 10 minutes. Enroll your employees and your done! If you need assistance you always have it. The MinuteHound technical team can even remotely connect to your computer for you and do the installation. If you have any questions about your USB fingerprint scanner and how it works, help is always available. Your never on your own!

MinuteHound's USB Fingerprint ScannerAfter the USB fingerprint scanner is installed and the software is working, the spark is ignited and your office transforms! Now, your employees can no longer sign-in and cover for one another. The days of fudging numbers or pulling a fast one are over. The only way your staff will be paid for their time, is if they are physically there. No more extended lunch breaks or leaving early when the boss is away. The USB fingerprint scanner records information live, and sends it to offsite servers. This means you as a manager can access this information from anywhere. You can check on staff from home or away whenever you want!

USB Fingerprint Scanner For Any Setting

The USB fingerprint scanner is the size of a computer mouse, and is very durable and reliable. It will work inside and outside, the only requirement is that it is connected to a computer. It can be extended up to 54 feet away with the purchase of extension cords. Employees simply swipe their finger, wait for the green light, and off to work they go! They do not need to view the monitor or screen for any reason. The USB fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate, so there will never be a line waiting to get to work. In about 1 second, the process is complete. The computer that you use as your time clock can be one you use everyday. MinuteHound runs in the background, so you don’t need to dedicate a machine for it. Upgrade your business today with a USB fingerprint scanner!

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