Fingerprint Time And Attendance Biometric Solution For Your Business

The Biometric Solution That Fixes Payroll Mistakes And Errors

Every company has some sort of time and attendance system in place to record the hours worked of employees. Even if the employees are salary, as a manager or business owner you have the right to know what your staff is doing with their time. If your using anything besides biometrics, then your business is losing money. MinuteHound’s biometric solution uses a fingerprint scanner at your place of work, with modern technology as the driving force. As an owner or manager you will have instant access to your records, from anywhere at anytime. MinuteHound’s biometric solution is currently being used by over 150,000 users everyday, by companies in every industry. The price is right, the technology is cutting edge, and the service is outstanding. Use a biometric solution in your business today to start saving right away.

By using a true biometric solution in your business, the results will be outstanding. Employees will no longer have the ability to cover for friends or fudge numbers. They won’t be able to “forget” to clock-in or out, as MinuteHound will send you an e-mail or text message letting you know. Overtime will never happen without your permission, and the savings start from day one. A biometric solution will spark a change in your office, and have your employees get rid of bad habits, and start new productive ones. If your workers show up late or leave early, MinuteHound will alert you. Now, with a biometric solution your staff will be held accountable for their actions.

How Your Payroll Benefits By Using A Biometric Solution

Just by using MinuteHound, your going to start saving 2-8% off of your payroll costs. By using a true biometric solution you will save every month by stopping time theft, buddy punching, payroll fraud, and preventing mistakes. No more scratching your head trying to figure out why the numbers don’t match. Your detailed time and attendance reports are available for you to export into excel or PDF whenever you would like. After a quick setup process, you can also export your reports right into your payroll service. Payroll is now a breeze and stress free. The biometric solution is simple and easy to use.

No Training Required!There is no training required. No learning curves to overcome or manuals to read. After you setup an account, the fingerprint scanner is mailed to you. All you do is follow the instructions, and in under 10 minutes your installed and ready to go. It takes about 1 or 2 minutes to register your employees, and after that your off and running! The biometric solution will cover clock-in, out and all breaks. All information is recorded live for you to view. Images are never saved, meaning your information is never at risk. This biometric solution is the most safe, secure, and convenient system on the market.

The Many Ways A Biometric Solution Works For You

MinuteHound never takes a day off, which means you have technical support and help whenever you need it. A biometric solution is not a product you buy off of a shelf. There is so many features and benefits to MinuteHound that benefits you and your business, it blows any machine out of the water. The price fits any budget. At $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location, everyone wins. Savings add up every month, employees are never over or under paid. The scanner itself is $99.95, and that is a one time fee. It is also backed for life, so you never have to worry about anything going wrong. Lifetime updates are included. No long term obligations required. Upgrade you business today and solve your business woes with MinuteHound’s biometric solution!

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MinuteHoundNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Biometric Solution: Time and Attendance Made Easy!

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