Web Based Attendance System: Manage Multiple Locations From Anywhere

Web Based Attendance System: Track Activity Online

A web based attendance system is safe, secure, and convenient. Keeping track of employee time records is an important part of business for every employer. The time clock software provided by MinuteHound is affordable and adaptable. It is a web based attendance system that can be installed and used on any computer. All you need is an internet connection. There is no training required. No learning curves to overcome. The software runs in the background and scans fingerprints quickly and easily. Employees do not need to enter any information on the computer; they simply scan their fingerprints and head to work.

The web based attendance system uses a biometric fingerprint scanner. It is flexible enough to serve small businesses or corporations. After you setup an account, the scanner is mailed to you. Free shipping and handling. The web based attendance system is the best option for those with multiple locations. Whether you have 10 employers or 10,000, being able to view employee records online makes your life easier.

Web Based Attendance System Is Safe To Use

MinuteHound’s biometric fingerprint technology was first used by secure military installations. The web based attendance system provides a highly secure way for your employees to sign in and out. There is no more hassle of cards and time sheets. No additional supplies needed. The web based attendance system verifies the identity of employees clocking in on the spot. This prevents time clock fraud. Fingerprint information is converted into binary data to protect the privacy of your employees. Information is never at risk. The web based attendance system provides peace of mind for all users.

Only system administrators can make manual corrections if an employee forgets to clock in or out. The 128-bit security encryption in this web based attendance system ensures that all data is transmitted securely. MinuteHound stores your data safely, saving you the cost of onsite network security for your time keeping systems. Physical damage or loss of data will never happen. All information is stored remotely. The web based attendance system makes your office virtual.

Web Based Attendance System. Your Online Time ClockMinuteHound empowers employers by providing detailed reports on employee time records. Since MinuteHound is a web based attendance system, these reports can be viewed from any computer with internet access. At any time, employers can see which employees are on the clock. The web based attendance system allows managers to adjust staffing to meet business needs on the spot. Employers can also receive email alerts informing them of discrepancies. Late arrivals, early clock-outs, or extended breaks will trigger the alert system. Time keeping data can be exported to a spreadsheet. Payroll is now stress and error free. Let technology do the hard lifting for you.

How The Web Based Attendance System Saves You Money

Every year, employers lose billions of dollars due to time keeping errors and fraud. By changing over to a web based attendance system, you can prevent this from happening. With MinuteHound, you can save money and ensure your data is secure, reliable and accurate. If you ever run into a problem, help is a phone call away. Assistance is available round the clock. The web based attendance system never expires. It is not a product with a shelf life. It will never expire, as lifetime updates are included. This is not a product, but a proven solution.

The web based attendance system is paperless. Save money in more ways than one. By using paperless products in your office, you save space and consume less paper waste. This is not only good for the environment, but also your bottom-line. Increase savings while reducing costs. Gain the competitive advantage your looking for. The web based attendance system is also risk free. There is no reason why not to try it. With all the tools you will have at your fingertips, you will be amazed how you got along without it! Make the switch today. You will be so glad you did.

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