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Maximizing Attendance Accuracy: Web Based time Clock Software

Ink and paper attendance systems leave room for human error and the possibility of having to reconcile time sheets, but MinuteHound’s web based time clock software maximizes accuracy in reporting time and attendance using a combination of biometrics and secure accounting. Using MinuteHound’s fingerprint scanner as an employee verification tool, your organization can cut payroll cost by between 2 and 8 percent, figures the American Payroll Association. MinuteHound’s biometric terminal and cloud-based software requires no training for integration into your work place and the benefits of using it are myriad.

Integrating Web Based Time Clock Software
MinuteHound’s USB-based fingerprint scanner can be attached to any internet-connected computer or POS at your work place. Setup entails installing the driver for the biometric scanner and enrolling your employees into MinuteHound’s Web Based Time Clock Software. According to MinuteHound’s website, enrolling a new employee into the system can be accomplished in a minute’s time.

You can setup your MinuteHound scanners at multiple computers and there’s no limit to the amount of employees you can enroll. You aren’t limited to using the system at one location. You can consolidate your time and attendance records from multiple locations, all into a single data base. In contrast, separate companies can use a single MinuteHound terminal for time and attendance data that goes to separate databases.

The Benefits of Using Web Based Time Clock Software

The technology behind MinuteHound’s hardware and web based time clock software gives you and your human resources department unprecedented control in workforce management. Attendance records can be reviewed and analyzed in real time. MinuteHound’s web based time clock software can export wages, sick time, vacations and other data into your organization’s payroll software. The data can be sent as a PDF, Excel document or plain text file.

MinuteHound’s biometric scanners maintain your workplace’s security and your employees’ privacy. The biometric scanners convert finger print data into binary code, encrypts information and then transmits it to your cloud-based archive.

Time and Attendance Systems 128-Bit EncryptionMinuteHound can send our automated text messages or email notifications to employees when the individuals are late. The text and email notifications can be sent to the late employee as well as anyone else who should be apprised of the attendance issue. MinuteHound can also send out notifications to select managers when there are attendance problems, including too few employees on hand or too many on the clock.

MinuteHound’s web based time clock software offers a wealth of benefits and is simple to utilize with existing hardware. The company guarantees its product by offering a full refund and will cover shipping for the return.

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