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Web Based Time Clocks Make Global Management Easy As Pie!

Managing a company or business in today’s global economy can be challenging for anyone. It’s especially difficult if you’re in a position that requires you to travel a lot. While business trips hold important roles in business negotiation and deal making, it can be challenging to manage your employees while you’re out of the office. Scheduling issues and/or attendance problems can both become heightened in the absence of the manager. That’s why MinuteHound has created their web based time clocks, able to be accessed from any computer in the world.

Patented Cloud Based Technology Helps Web Based Time Clocks Run Smoothly
When it comes to storing and updating data, cloud-based technology is at the top of its game. All MinuteHound’s web based time clocks come standard with such operating systems. It gives users of the MinuteHound systems the ability to access, update, and monitor employee schedules, attendance, and payroll from anywhere in the world.

There are several ways this brings a level of ease and convenience to time clocks that has been missing. If you get a call last minute saying one of your employees is sick, you can add employees or update the system accordingly from your current location. If too many people are clocked in, you’ll receive an alert, giving you leeway to move forward with calling the office or business to handle the situation. You can also monitor and get reports about individual employee attendance records, including tardiness, overtime (approved and unapproved), and much more. This information will be able to help you with difficult decisions such as promotions and/or layoffs if the time comes.

SMS Text Messages From Web Based Time Clocks Raise Red Flags

Internet Based Time TrackingWith ordinary time clock systems, you have to go through and check individual time cards to make sure that everyone has reported on time, signed out on time, and shown up for all their shifts. With the new web based time clocks, you’ll be immediately notified if anyone is late to a shift, or if there are too many or too few people clocked in.

The SMS text message service will allow you to program the system to alert designated managers, directors, and even individual employees to employee lateness as needed. Designated managers can additionally receive notifications from web based time clocks if too many people are clocked in, thereby raising the red flag on people clocking unapproved extra hours.

Web Based Time Clockss Elevate Management Convenience

Without having to shuffle through and calculate time sheets, you’ll have more time and energy to put into other areas of your work. Try MinuteHound’s web based time clocks risk free today!

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