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Web Timeclock Systems Provide a Continuous Real-time Staffing Picture

The mechanical timeclock has long been a source of employee abuse and corporate consternation. Workers complain about getting short-changed on their paychecks. Businesses suffer from payroll theft by employees punching timecards in and out for each other. Modern time keeping systems have made those complaints a thing of the past. With the use of biometric fingerprint technology, companies like MinuteHound use a cloud-based web timeclock time and attendance program. This allows employees to clock in and out of work with the touch of a finger.

With MinuteHound, employees simply press their finger against a small device attached to their computers. The time information is immediately stored in a central computer. When leaving for the day, a finger touch clocks the employee out. The web timeclock can also be used if a scanner is not available. Employees can login and record their time via internet access.

There are multiple advantages to this web timeclock system

Eliminates buddy punching– Clock manipulation between employees to cover tardiness is eliminated. This is important not only from a payroll position but also from a human resources view. Habitual tardiness can be a cause for dismissal. Covering for a latecomer who disrupts the business day only prolongs the process of necessary termination.

Real time status of work force – With a web timeclock system, managers get a clear and immediate picture of the size of the work force and can take quick action to adjust staffing if necessary. This is especially important when working toward carefully planned completion schedules based on the number of employee needed to do the job.

Payroll time begins when employee is ready to work– The standard manual check-in procedure in many companies uses a centrally located mechanical timeclock. The time spent from clocking in and walking to and from the employees’ work stations is wasted, non-productive time. With a web timeclock program, the timeclock is located at the employee work station. Clocking in means the work day has begun, not ten minutes later after the worker has walked from the central timeclock to the work station.

100% Secure Cloud Based Time Clock SoftwareReduced payroll processing time – Web timeclock programs automatically calculate and update payroll figures. This gives managers a picture of the exact size of their workforce and payroll numbers they can compare against budgeted numbers. A reduced number of payroll department employees is also a money-saving benefit.

The Web Timeclock is 100% Cloud Based

Because web timeclock programs use cloud-based software, real-time reporting through the internet is available from anywhere in the world. In cases where attendance is critical, web timeclock programs can even send out text or e-mail to messages to the offending employee and their supervisor. Web timeclock programs like MinuteHound offers needs no special training. The software is plug and play and comes with around the clock support and promises payroll savings of at least 5 percent.

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