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Recording time and attendance is the obligation of every employer. Large or small, employees want a paycheck for their work. Introducing a new clock web method where employees can record their time via mobile device, PC, Mac, iPad, etc. The clock web option from MinuteHound makes any browser a time clock. It is not a guessing game either as when employees clock in and out from work, their IP address is attached. This way you know where they were as well as when. Accurate and effective.

In addition to the clock web method of recording employee time, MinuteHound also offers a biometric scanner that records time via the employee fingerprint. Employers can have their employees record time either way, via the scanner or via the clock web. What happens is that employees login and will see a big clock and they can click a button to record their time. This punch will then display on the manager portal where they can monitor all their locations and staff from a single point. The clock web access method or the scanner makes recording time simple, but also legible and error free.

The Clock Web and All The Benefits

The biometric scanner method is foolproof and saves so much time. But sometimes the scanner doesn’t work out depending upon which type of business you have. Employees work remotely or they travel, which is why MinuteHound developed the clock web. Any smartphone works. Internet or 3G/4G access will work for employees. No more excuses on why employees cannot record their time. The clock web solves any issues regarding access and location issues.

Payroll is also a breeze. You can download reports in a .CSV file so you can easily import all the data. No more counting or trying to read sloppy hand-writing. MinuteHound does all the calculations and you can setup OT rules, alerts, schedules, etc. MinuteHound and the clock web style of recording time will boost savings and eliminate frustration.

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