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A Precise Weekly Time Card for Asset Security

Employers all over the world can benefit from the use of MinuteHound’s time and attendance program. The system provides a revolutionary way for companies to process a weekly time card report with ease and confidence. Instead of having the payroll department manually count weekly time card numbers, the advanced system will automatically generate a weekly time card report. The report will save the company time and additional money spent on payroll hours. The company will have information that is more accurate at its disposal. Employees will be able to receive accurate paychecks delivered on time every week.

How the Weekly Time Card Program Works
The company uses a fingerprint scanning system as its main process. Employees clock in and out by placing their finger on a scanner. The scanner then generates data to a remote server. Administrators have access to the information. They can access the information from anywhere in the world. All they have to do is log in to a secure system to see real time reports of the workers who are on the clock. The weekly time card reports will always be accurate, because the system marks the time down to the second. Companies no longer have to worry about discrepancies. Administrators can now see what their employees are doing from a computer, laptop, cell phone or tablet. All these devices allow remote access.

Innovation is MinuteHoundA new program user will not have to take an extensive amount of training to learn the device. The fingerprint scanner easily connects to any computer in the office. The unit will start recording fingerprint entries once the administrator and the employee register that person’s prints in the system. A system this accurate and precise can save a company thousands of dollars each year. In fact, an organization can save approximately 5 percent on payroll. The system prevents such losses by avoiding situations such as buddy punching. Buddy punching is when one person punches in for another employee to fraudulently accumulate hours. The system only processes the clock punch from the person who places a finger on the device. Employees cannot fool such a system. The weekly time card will be perfect.

Weekly Time Card – 5 Different Levels of Permissions

This amazing system also prevents human error. A certain amount of human error occurs when people use a weekly time card that is not electronic. This advanced system will generate weekly time card reports, so the payroll checks will be easy to print. No one has to guess who worked with this system. Companies can feel confident knowing that they have the most modern program.

Anyone who is interested in saving his or her company money can invest in using this system today. It is completely risk-free, with no obligations. Cancel at anytime, and let MinuteHound assist your company by providing a state-of-the-art system which boosts savings and efficiency.

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