Thumb Scanner- Unique Algorithm Transfers All Data To The Cloud

Thumb Scanners in the Workplace: Efficient, Effective

Hollywood has been somewhat complicit in our perhaps unrealistic ideas about how far biometrics have truly progressed over the last few years. At least for now, most people in the general public aren’t using a thumb scanner to secure their vault of priceless artifacts.

Even so, biometrics – and specifically the thumb scanner – are providing some thoughtful solutions to long-standing problems at home and at the workplace. In case the term is new to you, the word “biometrics” refers to technology that uses biological characteristics to recognize an individual. The thumb scanner is obviously the most common such technology, and it’s the one that’s at the heart of MinuteHound’s design philosophy.

Anyone who’s ever used a traditional time clock understands all too well that the process can be slow, cumbersome, and time consuming. Large companies in particular can be home to some particularly persistent sources of frustration when the entire workforce is trying to clock in or out at the same time. With everyone scrambling for a name badge or punching in a password, you can see how the lost time would add up when everyone just wants to get home.

Streamline Time and Attendance with A Thumb Scanner

MinuteHound is proud to be among the proud few companies dedicated to shaking up the status quo. Our thumb scanner technology forms the basis of our advanced time clocks, which are streamlining employee hour tracking. Now, every employee can come and go with just a press of their fingerprint, cutting down on congestion and frustration alike.

Of course, the hardware is just half of the comprehensive time tracking system that we offer. The software behind the thumb scanner does most of the heavy lifting, and it does so all behind the scenes. Whenever an employee uses the time clock, their time information is stored digitally, offsite, in the cloud. There isn’t any physical paperwork, and no risk of data loss if you lose power or a computer is damaged. Perhaps most importantly, that data is freed from the risks of fraud or tampering; because the thumb scanner uses biometrics, nobody can operate the time clock for anyone else; each employee is fully accountable for only themselves.

The Thumb Scanner With No Obligations

Another advantage is the ability to receive automated alerts if employees deviate from their assigned shift. If any of your workers use the thumb scanner to clock in early or leave late, management receives either an email or a text message alert, letting them know about the problem. For all these reasons and more, we’re confident enough in our thumb scanner and time management system that we’ll let you try it risk free. If you do decide to become a MinuteHound customer, you can do so without any obligation; you can cancel any time.

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