What Does a Fingerprint Time Clock Do for Business?

How Does it Work?

The fingerprint time clock from MinuteHound is a true benefit for any organization. Employees can no longer cheat or steal time. One of the most costly expense for any company is that of labor. Using a fingerprint time clock will eliminate the need for extra HR or managers in order to simply track them and pay them correctly. MinuteHound will not only keep employees honest but also provide detailed time and attendance reports. The system tracks regular hours, overtime, jobs, holiday’s, PTO and any other time you can think of. You can sort data and re-arrange how the information is displayed. The entire system is available at just $1.00 per employee.

The fingerprint time clock easily plugs into any PC you have at your business. Just about every organization has the internet and a computer and that is all you need to use MinuteHound. Even if you don’t, a tablet can be used as well as the only hardware needed is the fingerprint time clock itself. It is very small and ultra durable. It can be used in any work environment. You can track jobs if you ned to or place employees into departments, branches, etc. Or, just simply plug it in and get to work! MinuteHound has every size company in its mind and can be used by all.

What are the Benefits of Using A Fingerprint Time Clock?

Right from the jump you will notice a huge change in your office, as those employees who are used to stealing time, taking long breaks, leaving early for the day will be pretty upset! The fingerprint time clock keeps them honest. The only way they get paid is if they are physically there to clock in and out. Friends can not cover for each other and writing down whatever times you want are a thing of the past. Even if the boss is away the employees will not play! They have no choice but to always do the right thing.

In addition to that, using MinuteHound for reports is a smart decision. Create custom reports to match any payroll program while using the alert feature if an employee misses a punch. To top that off make quick adjustments and corrections from any browser. MinuteHound is 100% cloud based so you can login from anywhere to do anything. The system is designed to assist business owners and very user friendly. USA technical support is always available as well. Try it today!

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