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An important aspect of management is ensuring that staff works the right number of hours – for them and for the company. Equally important is ensuring that the number of hours worked is the number of hours reported. Failures in either of these two areas harm everyone involved: pay too much and the company’s bottom line suffers; pay too little and the employee suffers and the company is open to accusations of underpayment.

Time clocks have come a long way since they were first invented in the late 1800s. Today’s most-advanced technology uses biometric time recording. Rather than depending on employees to swipe a card or punch in a code (both of which can be subject to time theft), biometric time recording permits only one person to clock in and clock out: the employee himself. MinuteHound’s state-of-the-art time management system is safe, secure, and protects employers and employees both.

MinuteHound’s biometric time recording system is simple: the employee scans a fingerprint, and time entry is done. Off to lunch? Scan out. Back from a break? Scan in. All the employer needs to do is set up a simple USB scanner and the MinuteHound software – which runs unobtrusively in the background – and time is tracked. The biometric time recording equipment, purchased at no obligation, comes with support included to ensure the best possible results.

Employees might have concerns about things like security and identity theft, but the MinuteHound biometric time recording equipment is totally secure. Fingerprints are scanned and then encrypted, and the fingerprint itself is never stored. Encrypted data from the scanners cannot be reverse-engineered, so employee privacy is protected.

Connect To Savings Using BiometricsFrom a management perspective, this biometric time recording system is a boon. A manager can always log into MinuteHound’s cloud-based system and check employees’ hours. Is John coming up on 40 hours? Send him home early. Is Sally habitually late? Make time to have a chat. Did Steven take a long lunch? Now you know. The biometric time recording system can even send managers an email when staff deviate from their schedules!

Is your site not right for a biometric time recording scanner? Is an employee working off-site? No worries. MinuteHound also offers a web-based portal; employees can log in or out from anywhere in the world – and entries are tagged with an IP address for extra verifiability. At the end of the pay period, time data can be extracted with a simple download. Enter in the hours in your preferred payroll system, and viola! Time entry is done. No more lost cards, no more obtrusive wall clocks, no more time theft – MinuteHound is risk-free, secure, and brings time entry to the future – today.

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