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MinuteHound: Top Time Clock for Your Office

When you’re trying to find the top time clock for your office or business, there are a number of choices available. However, there’s a particularly exciting option with cutting-edge, reliable technology: MinuteHound.

MinuteHound is easy to use and a highly advanced system that can bring new ease and confidence to your office. This top time clock uses biometric fingerprint technology in order to track time. This means that MinuteHound eliminates time card fraud, buddy punching or other forms of time theft. With this technology, you’ll always know who’s clocking in and clocking out. You’ll be free of problems with dishonest time clock use and save money for your business.

Why MinuteHound Is The Top Time Clock

Even more, the top time clock also improves life at work for employees too. With MinuteHound, employees just place their fingers on the MinuteHound scanner in order to clock in and get to work. There’s no need to fumble with time sheets or time cards.

Even more, MinuteHound is a top time clock that lets you access your time tracking system and solve problems from anywhere in the world. It offers cloud-based reporting that you can access from any internet connection. You can always see just who is in the office and when they arrived. This innovative top time clock can even send you a text message or email if someone is late or leaves early. You’ll never be too far away from the office with MinuteHound.

This top time clock system is also designed to save you and your business time and money. There’s no need to stock up on time sheets, time cards or other inventory. You’ll save money and go green with no need to stock up on wasteful paper stock. You can go 100% paperless with MinuteHound.

Save Both Time and Money

Save Money. Be Happy! Attendance Software Free!Beyond that, MinuteHound saves you time and money when tracking payroll. There’s no need to keep filing cabinets of time sheets and cards or manually check everyone’s time. Instead, with just a click, you’ll have instant access to the full time and attendance records for your staff. This top time clock makes payroll a breeze with reliable, cloud-based data. Most businesses pay only pennies a day to use MinuteHound.

The top time clock is very secure. It uses 128-bit encryption to protect your data and never saves fingerprints. You can rest assured that your business data is protected from hackers, malware and data loss. It’s easy to get started with MinuteHound and bring this top time clock to your office. You don’t need special training or an IT expert to use this plug-and-play device. With this top time clock, you can improve your time tracking in minutes.

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