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Eliminate Time Theft with the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock

Time theft is a bigger problem than many people realize. One study from Software Review found that as much as 43 percent of employees have committed time theft in one form or another. Another study from ePay Systems has found that companies lose over $400 billion in profits annually from time theft.

What is the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock?

The MinuteHound employee time clock is a complete time and attendance system. The system can be used on any device thanks to advanced cloud technology. Time card fraud and buddy punches are eliminated. The system uses advanced fingerprint scanning technology to positively identify the person punching in and out. When an employee is late punching in, the late check-in is logged and sent to you via SMS or E-mail. The alert is fully customizable according to your needs and preferences.

How Does the MinuteHound Employee Time Clock Work?

MinuteHound’s employee time clock is simple to install. Just plug in the included USB scanning device and install the software. There is no need for a dedicated server. If you need technical support, a MinuteHound customer support specialist will be available to answer your questions. Your employees log in by pressing their thumb or finger to the fingerprint scanner, and the system sends the information to a secured cloud server off-site.

Strong Encryption Keeps Hackers Out
Connect To Savings Using Biometrics

Those of you who are concerned about security need not worry. All data is encrypted using military-grade 128-bit encryption. Third parties will not be able to access your data without your knowledge. All employee data is kept away from prying eyes. You need not worry about corporate spies or disgruntled employees accessing the data on the server.

There is Also a Scanner-less Option

MinuteHound also provides a scanner less option that works on the Internet. This option is slightly less secure than the scanner option, but still offers many of the same features. This option is great if you’re a startup company, have remote employees or staff on the move.

The Price of the MinuteHound Time Clock
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MinuteHound Employee Time Clock.

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