Why A Fingerprint Time Clock Is A Must Have for Business Owners

What The Fingerprint Time Clock Will Do

Every business already has some type of time and attendance system already in place. Whether it is the standard paper time sheets or punch cards, chances are employees are stealing time every single day. Padding hours is common practice in just about every single company. No matter the industry or size, employees will never short change themselves. Adding 10 or 15 minutes here or there is no big deal to them. However, to the business owner, that time adds up quick. A fingerprint time clock ends this struggle from day 1, and forever after.

The fingerprint time clock simply plugs into any laptop or PC you have. This small device replaces your old outdated time and attendance system. Employee walk up, place their finger down, and off to work they go. Sounds easy? If it does, you’re right! Using a fingerprint time clock not only saves you money but there is no training involved. Nothing complicated or hard to understand. The fingerprint time clock sets up within minutes and can be used right away, everyday without having to read an instruction booklet!

How Much Does A Fingerprint Time Clock Cost?

Not much at all! The fingerprint time clock only costs $99.95 and that even includes priority shipping anywhere in the US! This very small investment will automatically transform your business into a time and money saving machine. Employees will only ever get paid what they work, not what they pretend to work. The fingerprint time clock will improve quality work as employees will make sure to be back on time and report when they are supposed to, as no longer can friends cover for each other. If they get to work 15 minutes late, they will not have the option of signing in on time.

MinuteHound is a full time and attendance system. Not only does it include the fingerprint time clock but it also includes a toolbox of features that help a business manage staff. From text and email alerts to setting up custom reports. Employees can also login and view their timecard 24/7. The entire system is cloud based.

Is it Supported?

The fingerprint time clock is supported around the clock! If you or any of your staff ever have a question then call or email anytime. MinuteHound has U.S. based support available. Focus on running your business and MinuteHound will accurately track all the time worked for your employees. Not only that, but MinuteHound has the ability to not only track how many hours, but how much time an employee works a specific job. So if they have multiple jobs in the same shift, MinuteHound can accurately record that as well. Try it today risk free!

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Fingerprint Time ClockNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Fingerprint Time Clock.

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