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Fingerprint Based Attendance System Explained

Companies lose thousands each year to time theft. The fingerprint based attendance system stops time theft. The advanced fingerprint based technology is cloud-based and contains multiple alert and reporting features. The fingerprint based attendance system relies on a biometric fingerprint technology. Companies that rely on hourly employees to meet productivity requirements are considering the fingerprint based attendance system. The integrity and reliability of the fingerprint as a mechanism for matching an identity to an individual means than employers can accurately and reliably track and record the time for their shift workers.

The fingerprint based attendance system records the image presented at the time the person clocks in for their shift. It uses the patterns and marking of the fingerprint data on file as a basis for comparison. The two are compared for a match. The algorithm data is compiled from the fingerprint submission and stored for future use. While no actual image of the fingerprint is saved, a series of codes are used to record the data for future comparison on subsequent clock-ins.

What are some of the features on this cloud-based solution?

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The fingerprint based attendance system sends an email or text alert if some leaves or arrives outside of the time window. The data used by the system is encrypted prior to being transferred. Live reporting available in real-time to any party with an Internet connection is available. Biometric data on file cannot be altered or duplicated in any way. The cloud-based attendance system requires no upkeep and is considered a plug-and-play solution requiring no hardware maintenance by the end user.

What are the advantages to having the fingerprint time attendance solution?
Fingerprints tend to be much more difficult to duplicate than a fake ID. The fingerprints never have to be retrieved if forgotten like a password. There is no way to mimic a fingerprint pattern. It cannot be cracked like a password.

Advantages to using the fingerprint based attendance system:
• System can be plugged-in at any convenient location
• Costs associated with time tracking are dramatically reduced with automation features
• Built-in reporting features reduce paper-handling and administrative burden
• The fingerprint based attendance system is easily integrated with existing payroll systems
• Solution can be evaluated on a trial-run basis
• Solution can be scaled to meet emerging needs as the staff increases
• There are fewer errors in attendance reporting
• Reporting data can be collected in various formats
• Cost of ownership is reduced because no paper records or timecards are used

Employers are looking for a much more reliable solution to track attendance. The fingerprint based attendance system affords employers with the opportunity to accurately track time, minimizing time theft. The solutions also reduce the administrative workload for those tracking attendance.

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