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MinuteHound is a fingerprint based attendance system that brings payroll systems and stat-of-the-art technologies together. Keeping attendance in the workplace can be a stress filled hassle. A workplace can be plagued with employees doing things like taking unapproved overtime, having a friend punch in for them (buddy punching), leaving before their shift is over, and various other errors on the time card. MinuteHound, however, provides a system that allows the authentication of time punches by using a secure check-in system that produces payroll reports and has a real-time red flag system. This generally saves five percent on payroll!

Using a device to scan fingerprints, that can be attached to any existing computer with an Internet connection, the fingerprint based attendance system makes sure that the employee punching in is authentic. Taking only a few minutes to setup, the fingerprint based attendance system stores the information as secure data on a cloud based server. Then the data is used to verify the accuracy of the punches. This means that employees will have to clock themselves in and out every day. Moreover, the fingerprints are never stored on the MinuteHound servers. Time card errors created by buddy punching will be a thing of the past.

Red Flag System
Plug and Play Biometric Attendance SystemEmployees punching out well after their shift has ended can be swiftly dealt with since the fingerprint based attendance system has an integrated, and real-time, red flag system. The unapproved overtime, clocking out early, and other red flags, will be immediately available for view anywhere there is an Internet connection. In fact, this system is so advanced that when an employee clocks in late a text message or email is sent out so that it can be handled as soon as possible. The fingerprint attendance system will watch for any possible errors or payroll theft and send alerts as soon as possible.

Payroll Reports
Dealing with payroll does not have to be the stressful hassle that it has come to be with all of the time card errors and necessary corrections. There might be employees staying much later and ‘milking’ the clock. They are essentially performing payroll theft, but it can be difficult to catch without the correct reports. There could even be employees that leave before their shift ends! This steals time away from the company by reducing the productivity. Thankfully, this fingerprint based attendance system does generate comprehensive reports to find those possible payroll theft and so much more. Paired with the ease of the setup, which could take just a few minutes, this fingerprint based attendance system can save businesses five percent of their payroll. The system only cost pennies per day, and considering how much businesses could be saving, Minute Hound will pay for itself. The fingerprint based attendance system gives insight to employee punches, payroll errors, and is inexpensive!

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MinuteHound Fingerprint Based Attendance System.

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