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What is A Windows Time Clock? How Does it Apply to Business

Just about every company in America has a computer. Whether it is a restaurant, doctor’s office, amusement park, warehouse, movie theater and all in between, just about every company has a computer at their location. That is why MinuteHound’s Windows time clock is a perfect fit anywhere! So what is MinuteHound and what is a Windows time clock? MinuteHound is the current leader in biometric time and attendance systems. Employees arrive to work, take breaks, and leave all by placing their finger on the scanner. All times are recorded live, and payroll reports are available 24/7.

The Windows time clock works with any Microsoft Windows operating system. From Microsoft Windows XP, to Vista, to 7 and 8. The Windows time clock is a full fledged system developed by MinuteHound to stop time theft in the office place and give managers tools to perform their job not just easier and quicker, but more efficiently. MinuteHound will send out a small fingerprint scanner, which gets plugged into the computer. This is the Windows time clock. Employees just scan in and out as they come and go. The Windows time clock hides in the background and the computer itself can be used for any other purpose. No additional equipment is needed.

The Windows Time Clock- Easy to Use and Install

Plug and Play Punch ClockOnce the fingerprint scanner gets plugged in, the software is downloaded from any web browser. The Windows time clock can be installed in under 10 minutes. Employees are registered, and off to work they go! So simple and so easy to use, there is no training involved. Employees don’t have to remember anything such as passwords or codes, and no pens and paper are required. Everything is online and digital. The Windows time clock provides so many benefits it is not possible to list them all.

The Windows time clock not only stops time theft and buddy punching, but it makes payroll a cinch. From anywhere at anytime, a manager can log-in and edit reports, download them and export them. While waiting for a movie to start, payroll can be done! The Windows time clock is so effective, there is no obligations to use it. No penalties to cancel and no commitment at all. MinuteHound is so confident you will love the product, they offer a lifetime money back guarantee. Also offered to every client is around the clock technical support and a plethora of features to help. Try it today risk free!

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Biometric Time Clock SoftwareNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound Windows Time Clock.

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