Workforce Management: Biometric Time Clock 101

MinuteHound’s Biometric Time Clock: Bringing Payroll into the 21st Century

The Biometric Time Clock combines the best of biometrics and cloud-based storage service to bring you the perfect payroll system. Despite using advanced technology, the Biometric Time Clock is very easy to use for both employee and employer. Employees log into the payroll system by placing their finger on a scanner. The scanner can be connected to any computer. The employee is instantly logged into the system. It is easy for them since they neither need a time card nor a password.

The Biometric Time Clock system is also very secure. Rather than having the data stored in the computer where it is subject to employee manipulation, it is instead stored in a secure cloud-based system. The Biometric Time Clock uses only secure 128-bit data encryption to transfer the data, so rest assured that hackers will be kept out of your employee’s sensitive data.

Stop Time Theft and Payroll Fraud

The Biometric Time Clock prevents several problems inherent in older payroll systems, such as an employee trying to log in for someone else, problems with or manipulation of time card systems, as well as unapproved overtime. The real-time monitoring system alerts you of any tardiness or payroll abuse, so that you can get ahead of any employee problems. The Biometric Time Clock system will send you a text or email to alert you when an employee has shown up late or left early.

Biometric Time RecordingThe Biometric Time Clock system not only calculates payroll for you, but you also have the option of generating time and attendance reports. This leaves you free to focus on other aspects of your business. Despite the level of technology and the convenience and security of cloud-based storage, MinuteHound’s system only costs pennies to operate. So, break free from the timecards and use a green-friendly, paperless system.

The Biometric Time Clock is Also on The Web

MinuteHound also offers a less expensive option to the Biometric Time Clock, which does not require a biometric scanner. Employees may log in with a computer, tablet, or phone. The system then records the time stamp and the IP address of the user. By recording the IP address, employers can verify the location of that worker. You will be able to tell if they logged into the office or from somewhere else. This data can be accessed by any computer from any location in the world. Although not as full-proof as biometrics, it is still a convenient and reliable option for a budget-conscious business.

One of the best features of the Biometric Time Clock software is that it is “plug and play.” There is no training required or technical skills needed to implement the system. In addition, MinuteHound offers round-the-clock service and customer support. They also offer a risk-free trial so that you can see the benefits of the Biometric Time Clock.

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