Fingerprint Time Clock: Utilizing Technology to Increase Production, Reduce Turnover, and Lower Employment Costs

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MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system helps businesses improve production, reduce turnover, and lower employment costs. Real time reporting software allows management to stay informed about business matters even when they are out of the office. Learn more about MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system to discover how it can increase your production and revenue.

Increasing Production Performance

A fingerprint time clock system is one of the best ways to increase production. Time clock fraud can cost businesses thousands of dollars a year or more. It’s common for employees to record their time inaccurately to make up for missed time. Many employees convince co-workers to punch them in and out to make it seem like they worked more hours. Biometric fingerprint technology prevents employees from clocking out other workers. Management can easily use MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system software to analyze production reports. Real time reporting helps management determine staffing needs. Many businesses make staffing adjustments after analyzing reporting software.

Decreasing Turnover

Maintaining a low turnover rate saves businesses time and money. It’s expensive to constantly hire new employees. Training new workers on a regular basis usually decreases production. One common reason why employees leave a company is inefficiency in the workplace. A fingerprint time clock system can improve production efficiency in a substantial way. Real time reporting software can identify areas that need additional staffing. Hiring more employees alleviates pressure off workers to meet unrealistic goals.

MinuteHound’s fingerprint time clock system runs off of cloud based software. Management can monitor production from anywhere in the world as long as they have access to an internet connection. This makes it easier for business owners to stay informed of staffing needs and poor performance. Time clock software ensures workplace efficiency even when employees have minimal supervision.

128-Bit Encrypted Cloud Based Software

A fingerprint time clock system can make your human resources department more efficient. Time clock software generates reports automatically, which eliminates the need to manually calculate payroll hours. Many companies have been able to downsize their human resource department after utilizing MinuteHound’s time clock software.

Reducing Employment Costs

Fingerprint time clock software makes it easier to calculate payroll hours. Biometric fingerprinting ensures time clock accuracy and prevents fraud. Employees can even use fingerprint time clock software when they are working offsite. Human resources professionals can easily generate a report within seconds to complete payroll reviews.

Businesses can reduce labor costs when they use MinuteHound’s time clock software. Human resource workers are more efficient when they don’t spend hours calculating payroll hours. Some positions can even be eliminated by using automatic reporting. A fingerprint time clock can increase production, decrease your turnover rate, and reduce employment costs. Biometric fingerprint technology prevents time clock fraud and ensures accurate reporting. Contact MinuteHound today to learn more about their advanced time clock system.

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