5 Benefits of the Fingerprint Punch Clock

Why Business Requires a Fingerprint Punch Clock

Business owners are always looking for ways to make the organization more financially efficient. There could be many ways you could cut costs and save money. One of the more expensive aspects of the business is payroll. By using a fingerprint punch clock, you could make these cuts without actually impacting an employee’s rate of pay. However, this isn’t the only real benefit of using a biometric system. In fact, you may find these have a great deal to offer your organization.

1. Cutting Employee Costs
Approximately 95 percent of total payroll expenses are justifiable. That means one out of every 20 dollars you spend on paychecks is wasted. Improper clocking procedures, buddy punching and time sheet alterations by staff are the cause of this. The fingerprint punch clock eliminates this waste and forces people to be at work in order to be paid.

2. Keeping the System Secure
Because of the nature of a fingerprint punch clock, fraud in the workplace is eliminated. Since these records cannot be changed, you can be assured that the person paid is the person working. This helps keep the system secured and accurate for the business. The fingerprint punch clock will also prevent the accidental punching of someone’s card.

3. Immediate Access to Data
Even if you’re not on location, you can still see when staff members are clocked in or not. Since the fingerprint punch clock uses the Cloud to store data, you can access these numbers form virtually any browser from anywhere in the world.

4. Alert Systems
An alert system can help managers keep a closer eye on attendance at the workplace. A fingerprint punch clock system that delivers this information could be invaluable for cutting costs. Essentially, management could get an email when someone isn’t clocked in reducing the argument that he or she “forgot.”

5. Easy to Implement
The fingerprint punch clock installs on any Windows computer systems while taking up very few resources to operate. The system works in the background without interrupting the work of individuals. Since it plugs into a standard USB port, it can be virtually universal as long as there is an active Internet connection. This means it could also be used off-site, such as in a construction yard, using WiFi access from a laptop. When you own a business, the last thing you want is for employees to waste money. This could greatly impact how the company works as a whole. A fingerprint punch clock can help keep funds in the bank while making your staff more conscious about their work ethics. The next time you audit the business for reducing expenses, consider what a fingerprint punch clock system can do for you. It may be monumental in keeping employees honest while keeping financial records highly accurate.

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