Fingerprint T&A System: Time and Attendance

Time Never Stands Still

Since stopping time is impossible, what would be the next best thing? Having an extra two or three hours each day, or having a time management system so effective it seems like you do? Biometric technology has made it possible for business owners to use a fingerprint t&a system to monitor their employees’ activities, all the while ensuring their privacy. With this advanced technology, employers are able to install a fingerprint t&a system to keep tabs on everyone’s comings and goings, as well as ensure safety of the workplace. With tragic occurrences happening on a daily basis, having the ability to keep unwanted visitors out is key.

A fingerprint t&a system works on the following principles:
When an employee scans their fingerprint, an algorithm is used to recognize the unique ridges and valleys of that person’s finger. Based on this information, the fingerprint t&a system then creates a numerical code, which is assigned to that specific fingerprint. These numerical codes cannot be transformed into fingerprint images, which means that even if the fingerprint t&a system was tampered with, it would be impossible for anyone is access employee information. This process is unique to MinuteHound.

By implementing a fingerprint t&a system into your company, you also eliminate the risk of time theft. Since no two people are the same, it’s impossible to buddy punch for co-workers. Everyone must be present for verification purposes. This holds true whether employees are punching in, punching out, or simply taking a break. Just think how many times you’ve seen your employees hanging out around the vending machine when their break was over? By installing a MinuteHound fingerprint t&a system, you are able to set the groundwork for accountability and responsibility from day one. And that doesn’t mean you need to be a tyrant. For example, when employers are very lax with their employees, there are times when they think bending the rules is okay. And although there are times when you let things slide, there are definitely times when you can’t.

Fingerprint T&A SystemHabitual lateness and unauthorized overtime costs business owners thousands of dollars every year. Having to pay employees for work that should have been completed during the typical work day simply doesn’t make sense. MinuteHound’s fingerprint t&a system helps you run a tight ship while building a sense of comradery and trust. When employees feel trusted and valued, their productivity increases. Creating a positive atmosphere helps to boost revenue while cutting costs.

Affordable Payroll Solution
MinuteHound’s t&a fingerprint system helps keep your money where it belongs-in your pocket! By lowering the cost of overhead, along with the reduction of paper products, you are able to save money and increase the overall efficiency of your business. Along with easy installation, you have access to IT support when you need it. MinuteHound prides itself on customer service. Regardless of industry, businesses can only be as efficient as their timekeeping strategy. Mismanagement of time leads to mismanagement overall. MinuteHound has the solution you’ve been looking for!

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