A Fingerprint Time Clock Can Save You Money. Here Is How

Fingerprint Time Clock Will Automatically Save You Money

One too often ignored way of saving a business money is through time and attendance. To many business owners surprise, 2-8% of payroll is lost to time theft. Meaning, you’re likely allowing thousands of dollars of time theft. Understanding the basics of time theft, why most time and attendance systems fail to stop it, and the benefits of a fingerprint time clock will save you time and money.

What is Buddy Punching?
Buddy punching is when one employee wrongfully clocks in for another. Buddy punching is the most common form of time theft. If you’re serious about reducing time theft, then stopping buddy punching should be a priority. As you’ll soon understand, a fingerprint time clock is a great way to prevent buddy punching.

What Causes Buddy Punching
The root cause of buddy punching is a desire for employees to help one another. While this desire is usually positive for your business buddy punching is a counterexample. When one employee punches in for another, they see it as a harmless favor to a co-worker. Unfortunately, favors add up and end up costing your business thousands.

Buddy punching is common because most time and attendance systems don’t protect against it. From punch cards to passcodes employees can easily clock in for one another. That is why fingerprint time clocks are promising.

Why Fingerprint Time Clocks?

Attendance Machine: Future Technology
Fingerprints on a hand
Fingerprint time clocks require employees to be on the job to clock in. When clocking in requires a fingerprint, buddy punching goes extinct. No more buddy punching. No more time theft.

Find a time and attendance system that offers a fingerprint time clock. Given biometric technology’s recent introduction to the time and attendance space that can be tough. Some systems that utilize fingerprint technology are difficult to use, overpriced, and aren’t supported the way they should be. So which time and attendance system should you look to?

Minutehound is the premier fingerprint time clock. Incredibly priced, easy to use, and backed by incredible customer support MinuteHound is for you. With features like an always accessible and up-to-date time sheet, to notifications whenever an employee clocks in or out, MinuteHound has you covered. If you’re looking to save time and money, look to MinuteHound. A time and attendance system designed from the ground up to save time and money.

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