Is A Fingerprint Time Clock From Star Wars Or Does It Actually Work?

A Fingerprint Time Clock Has Long Lasting Technology Built In

Technology is rapidly advancing, and on the whole, that’s a good thing. However, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate between useful new tech and useless nonsense. The world of time and attendance is no exception. The recent trend in time and attendance is biometric technology. Biometric technology is used in time and attendance to clock people in and out using fingerprint scanners or things like it. While a fingerprint time clock might sound like a great solution, do they actually work?

It is important to recognize that not all fingerprint time clocks are made equal. Some fingerprint based time and attendance products are plain unusable. Some fingerprint time clocks are too expensive, too difficult to use, or plain doesn’t work.

Why a fingerprint time clock?

Fingerprint scanners are a new way to clock employees in and out. The days of physical time cards are quickly becoming part of the past, and fingerprint scanners seem like the way of the future. Why?

There are three core benefits of fingerprint time clocks:

Ease of use.

A good fingerprint time clock merely requires that an employee rests a finger on a scanner to clock in. Meaning, workers don’t need to remember any passcodes, hold onto hardware, or know how to operate complex software. A useful fingerprint time clock keeps your employees focused on productivity.

Eliminating time theft.

How To Stop Time FraudA huge benefit of a fingerprint time clock is that it should eliminate time theft. Time theft accounts for 2-8% of payroll on average. Fingerprint scanners require employees to be physically present to clock in. No buddy punching!

All that can come with it.

Advanced biometrics can come with advanced software. Using a fingerprint time clock entails an entire system built around it. While some biometric time and attendance solutions aren’t great, some are phenomenal.

Which Fingerprint Time Clock should I choose?

The ideal time and attendance system maximize each of the three core benefits listed above. A system that is easy to use, eliminates time theft, and has a great ecosystem is ideal.

MinuteHound is that time clock. MinuteHound is an easy to use time and attendance solution designed to save business owners money. MinuteHound couples fingerprint technology with robust and easy to use software. With features like real-time tracking and more Minutehound is the time and attendance system for you!

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