Accurate Employee Attendance: Pay Exactly What is Owed And Nothing More

Put Your Finger on the Pulse of Employee Attendance

Business owners are always on the lookout for ways to boost their firm’s potential. Time theft cuts into profits. Honest employees are hurt by their coworkers who try to game the employee attendance system. Managers need a way to level the playing field. Employers need a cost effective way to hold all workers accountable.

Employees can alter paper timecards. Careless workers lose costly swipe cards. Buddy punching results in time theft. An employee attendance tracking system that gets rid of these problems would be a manager’s best friend. MinuteHound is an employee attendance and time program that sniffs out time theft once and for all.

Lost punch cards are no longer a concern. MinuteHound’s unique software turns each employee’s finger into a timecard. Every person’s fingerprint is unique, so employees must be standing in front of the timeclock in order to punch in or out. Buddy punching to avoid the employee attendance system is a thing of the past.

What the Employee Attendance Can Do

Since fingerprints are unique, they must be protected. MinuteHound never stores an employee’s actual fingerprint. It converts it into a binary number that can’t be reverse-engineered. On top of this, it encrypts all data using secure 128-bit encryption.

Payroll managers rejoice! Employee attendance tracking woes are over. The wasteful and slow process of reviewing paper timecards is at an end. The cloud-based system give you access to employee attendance and time data from anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re in the office or a thousand miles from home, you can see it all. Best of all, the system exports employee attendance and time data to most accounting software. You’ll be free to focus on your business, not worrying about timecards.

Perfect for Your Business

Secure Employee Tracking Software

Many small or medium businesses don’t have their own IT department. Workers don’t have extra time to attend training classes. With MinuteHound, you don’t need any special skills. After your time clock arrives, just download the software. The clock mounts easily to the wall with an adhesive, so no tools are needed. There’s no need to install extra power or data cabling. The clock connects to your PC with a single USB cable. USB extensions are available, allowing the clock to be placed up to 54 feet away from the main computer.

Businesses need security and simplicity. Owners demand the best return on investment. Workers don’t want to spend extra time tracking their hours. Wasting time on outdated hardware is useless. Inefficient processes stifle any company’s potential. Productivity and morale are both impacted. The next generation employee attendance and time tracking solution pioneered by MinuteHound empowers businesses both big and small to take the lead in any industry.

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