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The Most Advanced ADP Time Clock Alternative

Any company that is considering an ADP time clock or something similar should look into the MinuteHound time clock. This is an innovative device that helps businesses keep track of their employees and improve efficiency. This time clock has some unique features that can help any company improve employee attendance and prevent many common problems.

While there are many choices when it comes to attendance products, such as an ADP time clock, MinuteHound is the most advanced solution on the market. Unlike traditional time clocks where employees punch or swipe, this time clock uses biometric fingerprint technology. This makes it impossible to cheat the system by using tricks such as buddy punching.

Time cards that must be punched or swiped can be troublesome. They must be stored and employees can lose them. That’s why many businesses are now seeking more advanced ADP time clock solutions. Biometric fingerprint technology is more accurate than traditional time clocks. The entire system is plug and play. All employees have to do is press their finger on a device and they are immediately identified and clocked in.

This system is more efficient than the usual ADP time clock. The software is cloud based, which ensures the security of all the data. It also gives companies real time access to the information from anywhere in the world. This is ideal for companies with multiple locations. Whereas many ADP time clock devices are complicated and take time to learn, the MinuteHound software is very easy to set up and use. There is no need for training or studying manuals to learn how it works.

Companies must also keep track of how much an ADP time clock or other attendance solution costs them. The MinuteHound system is very economical and costs clients only pennies per day. It is the most cost effective way for companies to keep track of attendance, whether they have one location or many.

More Features For Less Than The ADP Time Clock

MinuteHound Biometric ScannerIn order to maximize efficiency, you want more than an ADP time clock that merely lets employees clock in and out of the system. The MinuteHound time and attendance software does more than this. When employees are late or leave early, an email or text message can be sent to a manager. This gives the company instant feedback to keep them informed at all times. This is the best possible way to prevent time theft. There is no way to cheat this type of system.

The ADP time clock and other such devices have been around for a long time. Many companies, however, are still using technology that is out of date. With MinuteHound time clocks and time and attendance software, it is possible to keep track of employee attendance using the most advanced technology available today.

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