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If your company is using an older system for time tracking, it might be time for you to upgrade to a more efficient system. Payroll is one of the main areas in which companies lose the most money. The payroll losses come from errors caused by faulty time tracking systems. Systems that use pins, passwords, badges, or paper items are likely to fail. The MinuteHound system is a fingerprint time keeping system that comes with an online attendance system free program. You will be able to save your company money and enhance your employee tracking abilities just by ordering the device.

The online attendance system free program works great with the hardware. The MinuteHound system includes a fingerprint scanner and the online attendance system free program. The administrator or business owner can connect the scanner to any computer with a USB cable. The person can place the scanner on a wall or counter that is up to six feet away. The online attendance system free program takes effect as soon as the person connects the unit. The system tracks the activities of all employees in real time. Employees will punch in by placing a fingertip on the scanner. The scanner will then read and send the data to a remote server, and the administrator will have access to the information.

The most amazing aspect of the MinuteHound system is its portability. An administrator can access the online attendance system free program from virtually anywhere. This person can easily log into the program from a mobile phone or tablet. Once the person gains access, he or she will see all employee activity. The individual can use this information to make scheduling changes or download reports. He or she can also use the system to spot poor attendance behaviors. The manager can monitor employees who have frequent lateness.

Stop Fraud With The Online Attendance System Free Download

Internet Based Online Attendance SystemThe online attendance system free program prevents time fraud. No one will be able to cheat the company with this amazing system. Employees will not be able to clock in for each other. No one can perform white out time corrections. No one can misinterpret the paper time sheet. The online attendance system free program keeps timekeeping honest while it protects the company from unnecessary financial loss.

The MinuteHound system is user friendly and easy to understand. The user will not have to take any special training courses. MinuteHound provides some of the most user-friendly services. Business owners who incorporate this system will have notable success with loss prevention. Interested parties can purchase the online attendance system free program to see all of its benefits. Users can expect to save 2 to 8 percent on payroll expenses. Anyone who wants to improve his or her business operations can purchase this product.

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