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The goal of just about every business is to increase profits. Therefore, each business, whether large or small, must try to prevent external and internal losses. Payroll is one of the areas in a business that leaks when the right time tracking system is not implemented. Businesses lose thousands of dollars per year on errors that come about because of a faulty system. Some of the most common payroll losses and errors are as follows:

Buddy timekeeping: in some organizations, co-workers that are friends with each other manipulate the system by punching in and out for each other. The company loses money paying for hours that an employee did not work. Buddy timekeeping happens more frequently with time tracking systems that use passwords and pin numbers.

Manual errors: paper time cards and time sheets accumulate many errors. Sometimes the humans that keep the records make mistakes. Other times, employees intentionally record the wrong time. Either instance will cause a short in the payroll budget.

Poor equipment or program: sometimes the devices that companies use are faulty. Any time a time tracking system stops working properly, the potential for loss arises. For this reason, it is paramount for a business to have the best time tracking system possible.

Biometric Time Tracking Pays for Itself

MinuteHound brings an efficient and convenient system to the table. It uses a biometric system that scans the person’s fingerprint. Once the system scans the employee’s fingerprint, it sends the data to a secure server. This amazing product is convenient, because no one has to remember passwords or pins. The payroll department does not have to worry about paper documents. The system is easy for everyone who is involved. The person will just push a fingertip to clock in and push a fingertip to clock out.

Internet Based Time TrackingThe MinuteHound time tracking system comes with a scanner and time tracking software. The person who keeps track of employee attendance will have access to the information in the software program. This person can log into the server from any location with any type of device. He or she can use a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone to monitor and track the employees. A manager can use this system to monitor peak times and make scheduling changes according to the activity levels. This person will also be able to catch employees who come in late and leave early. He or she can reprimand the employee as necessary.

The MinuteHound time tracking system is an inexpensive product that keeps giving back to the company. Most organizations that use this system save 2 to 8 percent on payroll costs. A business owner can try the MinuteHound time tracking system today. The result will be easier employee management and tighter payroll.

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