Employee Time and Attendance Clock Records Time Via Fingerprint

Finding a New Solution to the Traditional Time and Attendance Clock

Does your attendance clock make you feel like you’re stuck in early 1900’s? It’s always the same old problems. Every pay period there are employees who have misplaced their time sheet. There are employees who forgot to clock in or out. Time sheets have big dark coffee stains or have been torn and taped back together. Employees time punch each other’s cards. Why do you even have that attendance clock? There are so many handwritten corrections on the time sheets that the time stamps are all but useless.

All your attendance clock does is keep track of time – maybe. One good power outage could knock your attendance clock out of sync and leave you with a mess. As it is you are left with stacks of corrections to make. All of those hours have to be either calculated by hand or you must input them into a computer program yourself. Keeping track of your employees’ time and attendance could be eating up more of your time than running the rest of your business.

Taking the Attendance Clock to a New Level

You don’t need a new attendance clock, you need MinuteHound. MinuteHound is the time and attendance system for the 21st Century. Say goodbye to the same old problems! Employees will never need to record their times on a time sheet again! Employees clock in and out with just the tip of their finger. MinuteHound takes care of everything else. No more messy handwriting! Just log in to your web portal and MinuteHound will provide you with neat, easy to read reports. You can look at your reports any time from anywhere and see what is happening at your business right now. MinuteHound does all of the calculating for you too.

New and Improved Attendance ClockMinuteHound is not vulnerable to power outages like an attendance clock is since MinuteHound is Cloud based. With MinuteHound, when your employees clock in or out, all of the information is stored securely on a remote server. You can rest assured that the recorded times will always be accurate. Your time and attendance information will not even be lost if your business’ building experiences a fire or a flood.

Moving Towards the Future

Don’t feel bad leaving that old attendance clock behind. That attendance clock has had its day. Perhaps it can stay as a relic to explain to younger generations about what business used to be like long long ago. Times have changed. Shouldn’t your time and attendance system change too? MinuteHound can bring your office up to date and save you time and money too. Let MinuteHound keep track of your employees’ time and attendance so you can get back to keeping track of your business.

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  1. I’m beginning to think that I really need this technology! Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

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