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Keep Track of Who is Working When With Biometric Attendance Tracking

Every business wants to better its bottom line, and one of the ways it can do that is to control costs. It makes the most sense to change what is easy first rather than struggle to change what is difficult. Perhaps the simplest way to save money is to cut down on timecard fraud. In fact, businesses across the United States lose more than $140 billion every year to thieves who do not work what they say they work. People have their friends punch the timeclock for them if they are going to leave early or get to work late. Until now, managers did not have a cost-effective way to catch the cheats.

MinuteHound has changed the way payroll is done by matching an extremely secure, 128-bit encrypted fingerprint scanner with powerful software in order to create a foolproof attendance tracking system. Employees clock in and out by scanning their fingerprints, which are then converted to a binary string that is split into four parts and sent to four servers in different locations. Linked to a single, central, attendance tracking clock, the system maintains equanimity across the board and protects each employee’s fingerprint data from theft or misuse.

Employee Attendance Tracking Saves both Money and Time

Managers also know that employees grumble when they perceive managers are not holding themselves to the same standards demanded from hourly employees. The beauty of the MinuteHound attendance tracking system is that it is completely transparent. Managers, although they are salaried employees, can also sign in and out with the scanner in order to show they are not above the law. Morale will improve, and the best part is that honest workers will never again have to worry about being short on their paychecks from incorrectly calculated payroll. The attendance tracking system easily exports its data to any one of a number of different programs.

Cure Time Theft With Attendance TrackingAttendance tracking with MinuteHound will not empty your wallet. The only startup cost is for the scanners, which cost $99.95 per unit. A fraction of the cost of all other machines. We have faith in our attendance tracking product, so we make it as affordable as possible for businesses to take advantage of it. Ongoing, the monthly costs are also quite reasonable, and you have no obligation because there is no contract involved. If the attendance tracking system fails to live up to your expectations in any way, just send it back, and we will even pay for return shipping.

Employee Attendance Cures Fraud and Corrects Mistakes

Do not let timecard fraud, dishonesty, and inefficiency drag down your business when a straightforward attendance tracking solution is readily available. Give your managers the ability to keep tabs on the entire company’s workforce from anyplace they have a computer and internet access. Empower them to keep the workforce honest and save money. Call MinuteHound today in order to get started.

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MinuteHound Employee Attendance Tracking.

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