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Attendance Machine Price – $99.95 Includes Taxes and Shipping

It’s far too easy to steal time at companies. A person can clock in too early and out too late without a great amount of difficulty, taking time from the company for which he or she was not scheduled. Buddy clocking, or covering up attendance and tardy issues by having another coworker clock in for you, is another very convenient method of stealing time. These two methods of time theft will result in a company losing a great deal of money. Luckily, there’s a machine that is well worth the biometric attendance machine price.

Features for the Biometric Attendance Machine Price
There are several different features that characterize a biometric attendance machine. This machine consists of a fingerprint scanner that connects to the Internet. When an employee scans his or her fingerprint as a method of clocking in or out, the scanner will upload that information to the Internet, where it is recorded in a cloud. This will stop the ability of people to steal time by clocking in and out inappropriately because it is impossible to share fingerprints, unlike the feasibility of sharing punch cards or employee numbers. An attendance machine will also be able to send a notification to the employer if an employee scans a fingerprint earlier or later than is appropriate, ensuring employee compliance with the schedule.

What is the Biometric Attendance Machine Price?
Build Your Success With Biometric SolutionsThe biometric attendance machine price varies with the number of employees that an employer has, as well as the number of sites that an employer controls. The reason why the biometric attendance machine price varies is because a separate scanner needs to be purchased for each site. The biometric attendance machine price is $99.95 per scanner. After that, an additional setup fee of $5 per site needs to be paid. After these two preliminary payments have been made, the part of the biometric attendance machine price is the cost per employee. The cost per employee tends to be about $1, but will fluctuate based on the package that is purchased. For example, an employer that has a thousand employees spread over forty sites will have a higher attendance machine price than an employer with the same number of workers spread over four sites. This is because more scanners need to be purchased.

Essentially, to stop time theft, a company needs to purchase and utilize a biometric attendance machine that will track when a person goes to work and leaves work. The attendance machine will be able to scan the fingerprint of each employee, rather than relying on a time card or number. The price of the attendance machine will vary based on the number of employees and the number of machines that are needed.

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