Time Tracking Software Mac Users Need For Their Business

Time Tracking Software Mac Users Will Love

MinuteHound is the time tracking software Mac users can appreciate for all of its features. Whether you are running a small business or a large operation, you will need to have the best time tracking software to track your employees. MinuteHound’s time tracking software Mac is the perfect tool for eliminating some of the losses that occur in the payroll department. A business can drastically decrease the amount of money it loses every quarter by implementing a secure and convenient time tracking system. MinuteHound uses a new technology that is quickly becoming a hit for business owners. You can improve your company’s efficiency by using this system today.

What Makes MinuteHound so Special?
The MinuteHound system uses fingerprint technology to track employees. This technology is the best time tracking software Mac users can get. It provides a wealth of extra security so that business owners can protect their assets. The MinuteHound system is much more efficient than old-fashioned types of record keeping were. Companies were losing thousands of dollars per year from employee dishonesty, payroll errors and buddy punching. The time tracking software Mac users buy from MinuteHound prevents buddy punching and time theft.

How the MinuteHound System Works
The best feature of the MinuteHound tracking system is that it does not require deep instruction or mechanics. The unit comes with a fingerprint scanner employees can use to log in or out. The program immediately sends information to the Cloud where managers and administrators can access it. Time tracking software Mac is a winner in that aspect. Managers can go on vacation and still stay abreast of what is going on with the employees. They can adjust the schedules and monitor the employees for overtime. The time tracking software Mac users will love is now here.

The Price is the Best Part
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineThe best part about adding time tracking software Mac users love is the price. MinuteHound software is not expensive at all. A new business can use the amazing system for as little as a few cents per day. Keep in mind the physical aspect of punching in and out still requires a Windows based OS, however, most Mac users run bootcamp or another program. Everything else is cloud based.

The time tracking software Mac lovers can use has a very small startup expense. The fingerprint scanner is slightly under $100. The payment is one time, and it solely for the equipment. The monthly service plans are extremely low for the benefits they provide. The number of locations and employees determines the monthly price. The time tracking software Mac computers can run costs as little as one dollar per employee. If you are interested in saving your company money, you can try time tracking software Mac users get from MinuteHound. You will see monumental results.

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