Fingerprint Recognition Technology- How Biometrics Work For Business

Fingerprint Recognition- How Technology Works

The saying “technology is great”, only applies to those who know how to use it! Business owners all have different skill sets and responsibilities, however, some of them might not be to keep up with the latest trends in biometric technology or fingerprint recognition! That is where MinuteHound comes in. In order to better manage any business, fingerprint recognition is almost mandatory these days. Buddy punching, time theft, and payroll fraud plague all companies. Add in honest human error, and that equals about $148 billion dollars in losses every year for American businesses. All because of outdated time and attendance inefficiencies and accounting.

Fingerprint recognition is the process of using a finger or thumb print to verify an employees attendance. This way, friends can no longer cover for one another. All forms of cheating are eliminated. From the first day of using MinuteHound, managers and owners will realize a difference in their time and attendance. Employees can no longer clock-in and out of work unless they are physically present. And since fingerprints cannot be shared like pens, pins, passwords, and badges; all times are 100% authentic. Fingerprint recognition is the surefire way to bring accuracy into payroll.

How Fingerprint Recognition Works For Businesses and Organizations

Employees arrive, swipe their finger or thumb, and then get to work! Same process for breaks and exits. Fingerprint recognition is perfect for any type of environment, as it takes a second for an employee to clock-in and out. After setting up an account with MinuteHound, a biometric fingerprint scanner is mailed. Within days, the scanner arrives and can be plugged into any computer. Software gets downloaded from any web browser and employees are registered. The installation takes less than 10 minutes, and about 1 minute per employee. After that, fingerprint recognition is now powering your time and attendance creating flawless and accurate reports!

Secure Fingerprint Recognition TechnologySimple, quick, and easy. Fingerprint recognition and biometric technology might sound complex and complicated, but rest assured MinuteHound makes it super user friendly. The scanner itself is plug and play, and there is no training required. MinuteHound is cloud based, which means that all information is accessible from anywhere. Nothing is stored locally, meaning information is never at risk and always secure. Fingerprint recognition is the safest, most effective, and convenient process for all organizations.

Fingerprint Recognition- Patented Technology Ensures Privacy

Another unique advantage of MinuteHound is how the fingerprint recognition technology works. When an employee scans their finger or thumb, that print is immediately broken down into numbers. Images and prints are never stored. All data transfers take place using 128-bit encryption. Secure and safe as well as recording time worked with precision. There are numerous benefits to using fingerprint recognition technology at a workplace.

If human error is a problem, it won’t be for long. MinuteHound has the ability to alert managers in real time if employees show up late, leave early, or forget to clock-in. Fingerprint recognition is also very cost effective. MinuteHound charges a monthly fee of $1.00 per employee and $5.00 per location. Live technical support is always available as well. Make the switch to biometrics today! Enjoy all the benefits MinuteHound’s fingerprint recognition technology has to offer!

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