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Attendance Management Program Components

Most companies, once they are larger than two or three people, will utilize an attendance management program. With an automated attendance management system, it is so easy to make sure that all of the scheduling spots are filled, that employees are showing up when they are scheduled, and that everyone is getting compensated for the actual amount of time that they worked. There are a number of different components to a good attendance management programs.

1. Prevents Time Theft
The first and most obvious component of an employee attendance system is that it prevents people from stealing time. This is exceedingly important because it will ensure that a company is not paying employees for time that they did not work, saving the company the money that would be lost through the outright theft, as well as the loss in productivity. The easiest way for an attendance management program to stop time theft is to simply use something to identify employees that cannot be shared from one employee to another. The most popular method of reducing time theft is to use a fingerprint, rather than an employee identification number or a time card because it is impossible to share fingerprints.

2. Affordable

Another main component of an excellent attendance management program is that it is affordable. This means that it costs much less to pay for a system to keep the attendance and payroll straight than it would be to hire a person to keep track of all of the employees. The main cost of an attendance management program should be purchasing the scanners that are needed to keep track of when the employees clock in and out, with the overall system costing pennies a day.

3. Live Reporting
Go Green! Throw Away The Old Time Card RackAnother important component of an attendance management program is that the system will update itself constantly as employees arrive and leave shifts. This is important because it will allow employers to make sure that all of the positions are covered for a shift, that a person who comes late or leaves early is spoken to, and that no productivity is lost. An attendance management program will also make it easy for a company to keep track of the estimated day to day payroll in case adjustments need to be made midway through the day.

4. Cloud Storage
One of the most important component of an attendance management program is that the information is stored in a cloud. This makes it easy for managers who are in charge of payroll to access the employee attendance sheet. An attendance management program that is stored in a cloud will ensure that the payroll process goes as smoothly as possible and that everyone who needs access to the information will be able to access it.

4. Processing on the Cloud

MinuteHound is the only system that is using patented technology to process and identify users over the Cloud. Users’ data is only kept on the could with no data on the scanner or computer that can be tampered or lost.

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