Attendance Systems That Use Biometrics Are Proven To Work, Cost Less

Attendance Systems Save You Money

There are many different types of attendance systems in use in the world today. Some are time card based, and others require manual time input by employees. The problem with these other attendance systems is the likely occurrence of time theft and user error. With MinuteHound, these problems do not exist.

Unlike other employee attendance systems available today, MinuteHound is the top of the line. By using fingerprint scanning, the occurrence of buddy punching and other forms of time theft is eliminated. This system keeps track of your employees whether you are present or not, saving you money on your payroll.

Most attendance systems use time cards and other fallible devices that can cost your company money. Unlike those attendance systems, MinuteHound eliminates those errors by using a patented device to scan your employees’ fingerprints. Their data is then lifted, encrypted, and distributed globally over four servers. This system differs from those other attendance systems by storing your employees’ information in a cloud instead of locally. This maximizes the safety of their information.

Using Biometric Attendance Systems Have Many Benefits

The benefits of using this system instead of other attendance systems are vast. This program keeps your employees’ data safe. It removes the occurrence of time theft–buddy punching cannot occur thanks to the fingerprint scanner. It eliminates the use of time cards and employee error by keeping track of every minute that each employee works.

You can log on to your own, personal portal and see which employees are on the clock in real time. This program is superior to other attendance systems because it will alert you through text message or email, or both, whenever any of your employees clock in or out. This can allow you to schedule accordingly, saving you and your company money! It also allows you to see whenever any employee is working overtime without your permission.

Business Technology- Cloud ComputingUnlike other attendance systems, buddy punching is no longer a threat with MinuteHound. Each employee has to scan their own fingerprint in order to clock in or out–it cannot be faked. Since this system is cloud based, the time is captured directly from the Internet. This ensures that the time cannot be altered by employees seeking to rob you of hours that they did not work.

The Attendance Systems Advantage: Biometric Accuracy

On average, MinuteHound will only cost you pennies a day. In fact, a typical business realizes a return on investment of 2,300%! That is impressive considering that without this system, most businesses lose and average of 2 to 8 percent on payroll errors. It is costing you money right now NOT having this system in place.

Do yourself and your business a favor and try this program today. It will only cost you pennies a day, and it is risk free with no obligation. Support and sales are available around the clock. Try it out today with no long term commitments needed, start saving today!

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