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Decisions, Decisions: MinuteHound or an RFID Based Attendance System?

So you’re thinking about making the switch to an rfid based attendance system. Finally you won’t have to worry about all of those paper time sheets or that traditional punch clock. Whew! Those things have been a headache. An rfid based attendance system should be much simpler. The current system requires that each employee be given a new time sheet every pay period. The rfid based attendance system will only require that each employee be given one badge containing a rfid tag that they will use every time they come to work.

Sounds pretty good, but will an rfid based attendance system solve all of the problems you are having with your current system? Over time those employee badges may become a headache too. Employee badges can be forgotten, lost, stolen, or damaged. An rfid based attendance system doesn’t work very efficiently if employees do not have their badges. What will your employees do while they are waiting for replacement badges? And how does and rfid based attendance system solve buddy punching? If one employee gives another employee their badge, it is possible the second employee could clock in for the first. Pass the aspirin!

Easy On Employees and Employers

There is a time and attendance solution that won’t have you headed for the medicine cabinet. MinuteHound’s biometric technology has no paper and no employee badges. MinuteHound uses something very unique to clock your employees in and out – your employees’ fingerprints. MinuteHound eliminates your need to replace (or keep track of) time sheets and badges. How many people have you worked with who have forgotten their fingers at home? There is no code for your employees to forget either. They simply place their finger tip on the USB fingerprint scanner.

Safe and Secure Cloud TechnologyMinuteHound also eliminates buddy punching. Each fingerprint is unique to each person. Sometimes people will get some crazy ideas for other ways to manipulate the system, but MinuteHound has your back. MinuteHound has safeguards in place against the use of things like fingerprint images and rubber fingerprint casts. You can be sure that each employee will have to clock in and out for themselves.

MinuteHound Vs. An RFID Based Attendance System

Tired of the headaches? Switch to MinuteHound. While an rfid based attendance system will offer some solutions, MinuteHound offers them all. Both systems eliminate the need for paper. Both systems use computer technology. An rfid based attendance system require employee badges that employees must keep track of. MinuteHound does not require employees to keep track of anything additional. An rfid based attendance system makes buddy punching slightly less convenient. MinuteHound eliminates buddy punching. MinuteHound has all you need to save time and money on your business’ time and attendance.

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MinuteHound Time and AttendanceNo training required. No Learning Curves. No Long Term Commitments. No Inventory.
MinuteHound vs RFID Based Attendance System.

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