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Why Any Business Needs an Automated Attendance System

Your business should be a shining example of efficiency. Unfortunately, many owners struggle with finding the best methods to save time and money. What some of these owners don’t realize is how much is spent on processing payroll. Without an automated attendance system, you pay a person to calculate the hours recorded on a time stamp. These hours are then put into a system in order to complete the payroll process. If you have a lot of employees, this could take a lot of time.

Biometric scanning systems can eliminate a great deal of wasted time from the payroll process. By using an automated attendance system, you can save money across the business including:
■ Payroll processing time
■ Reduction of unauthorized overtime
■ The ability to print detailed attendance reports
■ Exact payouts for employee work schedules

Payroll Processing Time
With traditional time stamp systems, it can be quite a pain to calculate how many hours to pay someone. This isn’t including the time it could take for your payroll person to track down employee errors in order to correct them. Your business is paying this individual to be a sort of detective. An automated attendance system can remove a great deal of this time by providing detailed reports of each person.

Reduction of Unauthorized Overtime
Some employees will do anything they can to squeeze out ever bit of money possible. Using an automated attendance system can prevent these individuals from “accidentally” remaining on the clock. If you pay your employees time-and-a-half, every minute could quickly add up to a lot of money.

Ability to Print Detailed Attendance Reports
Instead of the payroll department calculating how many hours to pay someone from 8:07am to 4:51pm, the automated attendance system will give a report showing exactly how many hours that is. It can also give a report of those employees that are regularly late for work or leaving early. All of this can be accessed from the web anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Exact Payouts for Employee work Schedules
Attendance Management SystemAlthough rounding five minutes up to 8:00am may seem innocent enough, it could cost you hundreds of dollars per year per employee if done every day. The automated attendance system doesn’t allow for such changes from an employee. Your business pays that person the exact time he or she is on the clock.

Like the saying goes, “Time is money.” For every minute you don’t have an automated attendance system, it could be costing you a few dollars in miscalculated wages every month. Provide a method to keep your employees honest, and keep more money in the bank. Your accountant will be pleased by the results with the automated attendance system – as will you.

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