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Ways to Benefit from Fingerprint Time Attendance Software

A Biometric scanning unit is great for recording when an employee clocks in or out. Through these units, there are no clocks to punch or cards to lose. Each person is equipped with their own unique identifier in the contours of a finger. However, there is more to the efficiency of using fingerprint time attendance software than just quickly scanning a finger and moving on.

Using a web-based interface, you can monitor your employees in real-time. This means you can actually see who is currently on site, tardy or absent without being in the office. Your fingerprint time attendance software can be used regardless of your location. If you suspect that employees are taking advantage of the payroll system while you’re on vacation, quickly pull up the online portal. The biometric scanning system will show you exactly if someone is absent or trying to squeeze in some overtime.

Knowing who is working what schedule is only a small part of what the fingerprint time attendance software can do for your business. Instead of the payroll department taking a long time to process and calculate information and time stamps from a standard punch clock, the entire process could be greatly reduced. Detailed reports for time and employee information are provided by the fingerprint time attendance software giving those in payroll everything they need in order to quickly print the checks. The less time these individuals take calculating paychecks, the more time they can spend on other projects. In fact, some businesses could eliminate the need to pay those employees overtime as the workload may be greatly reduced.

Fingerprint Time Attendance Software – Cloud Based and Encrypted

Plug and Play Punch ClockThere is no need for a local storage device for the fingerprint time attendance software. After you install the biometric scanning device onto a computer system, the data it collects is all cloud-based. Some alternatives require server-side installations and storing that data on the network. This data can be accessed by various users onsite or could easily become corrupted. Since the information from fingerprint time attendance software is web-based, there is nothing for snooping employees to find on the local network.

From the small business point of view, biometric scanning won’t require you to buy a local server or enforce local encryption methods or dedicated IP addressing. As the biometric scanner is plug-and-play directly into a USB port, the fingerprint time attendance software does the rest. There are no worries of file encryption or password protection of network drives. All of these features are present within the cloud by the fingerprint time attendance software. If you have a server, you don’t have to worry about changing any of its settings or the access of others. Add efficiency in your business and save time and money through the use of biometric scanning technology.

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