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Best Practices for Using a Fingerprint Time Clock System

Setting up a biometric scanner for use in your business or office space is quite simplistic. Since the units themselves are virtually plug and play, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge in how to assemble these devices. However, do you have a good strategy of placing the fingerprint time clock out in the open where your staff can easily use the scanner?

When installing the biometric scanning device, you have an effective range of about 54 feet while using USB extension cables. This allows for a great amount of room within your office space to install the scanner to be used. In order to maximize the efficiency of a fingerprint time clock system, you need to set the device up in an obvious location. Areas where staff have to travel past in order to work is an ideal location. A front desk, security checkpoint, or perhaps even the door to an office could be ideal places to set the fingerprint time clock biometric scanner.

It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to record an individual’s fingerprint to clock him or her in. Setting the scanner up near the door could be a feasible location providing there isn’t a heavy flow of people coming and going. In reality, these systems can work just as quickly as most card identification methods or badge scanning devices with far less hardware. All that is needed is the small fingerprint time clock scanner and a nearby computer.

Keep Employee Honest With A Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock

Easy To Use Software & Live SupportIn order to further maximize the potential of a fingerprint time clock system, you may have to enforce strict policies. Some employees may try to take advantage of the system by saying how he or she “forgot” to scan the finger upon entry. If the employees don’t use the system, then the fingerprint time clock won’t serve its purpose of saving you time and money as a business owner. Enforcing the rules may be required such as docking pay or clocking an individual in as soon as they are noticed, not when they say they came in. Your staff needs to be responsible for their own actions in the workplace. As you can’t verify when the employee walked in the door, it is his or her fault that the attendance is not credited.

Any system is as effective as those that implement the devices. This is true whether you have a fingerprint time clock scanning method or not. In order to fully envelope the capabilities of a biometric scanning system, the device needs to be readily accessible for people. Everyone needs to know that the fingerprint time clock system is how the business will pay employees in the future. By keeping everyone informed and updated to the device’s installation, no one should have to go to HR with complaints that the paycheck was a few hours short.

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