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How Easy MinuteHound’s Automated Payroll System Works

Everyday businesses are going through the same type of experiences when it comes to payroll. Employees have found a way around the time clock process. Basic payroll systems are allowing employees to clock in and out at times they are not working. For example, an employee may be running late for clocking in from lunch and will have a co-worker clock them in on time. This is costing the business money. The company ends up paying the employee for time they are not actually producing work.

How One System Can Change the Way Payroll Works
MinuteHound has a great automated payroll system. It works perfectly for businesses that want to save money. Businesses can see a five percent increase by using MinuteHound’s system. Businesses payroll does not have to worry about money being lost due to time clock errors.

MinuteHound is simple to use. It does not require any special training. It is easy to plug in and start using. Each employee will have to use their own fingerprint in order to use the time clock. The fingerprint read will link to any computer the company desires. The payroll department will be able to view the employees on clock at anytime. This will help payroll determine the number of employees they will need on staff at a time.

The automated payroll program will eliminate employees clocking in and out at the wrong times. The business will be able to keep track of the employees clocking in late, leaving early, and having excessive overtime. The business will be able to work with those individuals with the time clock issues they are having.

Steps Needed To start Using MinuteHound’s Automated Payroll System
The steps to use this automated payroll system is straightforward. It only takes three steps to use which include:

  • Install the software for MinuteHound’s automated payroll time clock system
  • Plug your scanner into the system
  • Start enrolling every employee you have
  • Other Benefits of MinuteHound’s Automated Payroll System

    Cloud File Security | Monthly Time SheetsThere are several benefits for using MinuteHound’s automated payroll system. Employees do not have to type in their name, or any pin number, to be found in the system. Males will use their index finger for the time clock. Females are asked to use their thumb for easier reading. The system can read up to one-million employees without needing further information. New employees can be placed into the automated payroll system within one to two minutes.

    The payroll department can add employees sick and vacation time into the system effortlessly. If there happens to be an error with an employee clocking in, the business’s payroll department will be able to update those changes within minutes. MinuteHound’s automated payroll system is highly recommended to businesses that want to save money with their payroll.

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