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MinuteHound’s Payroll Processing System

With old time clock systems, most businesses are not successfully keeping track of their employee’s hours, which tends to cost such business a lot of money. Also,the payroll processing system of today is prone to time card errors, manipulation, allowing unapproved overtime hours, and is unaware of the buddy punching system. According to the American Payroll Association, it is estimated that such errors cost businesses over $148 billion dollars annually. However, MinuteHound’s revolutionary payroll processing system is the solution that you need to avoid such issues. Compared to other time clocks, the system is highly advanced. It is made of a Biometric Time Clock with Cloud Based Attendance Software.

About the System
Instead of using a payroll processing system such as time cards, paper, or other outdated methods, MinuteHound’s solution saves you money. MinuteHound’s payroll processing system uses finger prints to recognize employees and record their clock-in and clock-out. Everything that the time clock records is done in real time. Real time data is recorded data seen instantly. Once an employee has clocked-in or clocked-out on the biometric clock using their fingerprint, you will be able to see it via either the program’s application on your computer, or through your personal web portal in real time. The monitoring of employees can even be heightened. You can program the time clock software to send you an email and/or text message if a worker is late or leaves early from a shift. This means you can protect your business on-the-go.

How it Works
The MinuteHound payroll processing system is easy to set up and use. All that you need is any computer with an internet connection. This computer becomes your business’s clock-in terminal. The fact that the program does not need a designated computer means that you can use any computer location in your office. The different options for clock in computers makes the program more convenient and simple for you and users. Once you choose a computer, simply install the time clock and enroll your employees. The employees will then be ready to use the fingerprint scanner that will provide you with real time information regarding their work whereabouts.

New and Improved Time Stamp MachineThe scanner is unlike other scanners. It converts the employee’s fingerprint into a 128-bit number that is then divided into 4 secure servers on separate continents around the globe. The application provides a great deal of privacy for businesses. The fingerprint is not stored like it is when using regular biometric time clocks. This prevents fingerprints from being traced back to the individual. It helps protect the privacy of you, your business, and your employees.

Saving You Money

Every business benefits from saving money. MinuteHound’s payroll processing system is designed to help your business save. Statistics have shown that buddy punching and schedule exceptions costs businesses 5% of their total payroll. This percentage of total payroll adds a great deal to a business’s expenses. However, businesses that use MinuteHound typically see a 2,300% return on investment. With MinuteHound and its payroll processing system, you will have a concrete record of all of your employees work data. Using this system will virtually eliminate fraud, help you control your business, and safe you time, each of which erases additional costs.

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