Features And Benefits Of The Best Biometric Time Clock On The Market

MinuteHound Is The Best Biometric Time Clock

Is the time clock at your office gathering dust? It might be time to replace it with something more secure. Modern biometrics have made the old fashioned time clock obsolete. MinuteHound is the best biometric time clock available. Below, you will learn what MinuteHound can do that your old time clock cannot.

MinuteHound is called the best biometric time clock for a reason. Unlike the old time clocks which would allow employees to clock in for each other, MinuteHound verifies the ID of a worker using their finger print. A USB finger print reader, which is both low cost and accurate, is part of what makes MinuteHound the best biometric time clock.

MinuteHound, unlike old time clocks, cannot have its time tampered with. On some software, the workers can change the system time to trick the HR department. They can also tamper with the time cards. Being the best biometric time clock software on the market, MinuteHound uses no time cards and gets accurate time from an Internet time server. There is no disputing whose time is correct because the server is always accurate to the second.

The Best Biometric Time Clock Uses 128-Bit Encryption

MinuteHound stores all of the time events, including clocking in and out, on a cloud server. This data is stored safely on the Internet but is kept safe using 128-bit encryption. Because of this, the time data can be accessed anywhere in the world. The boss can see the time data from his smart phone, laptop computer or tablet PC using the cell network or WiFi. This flexibility is part of why MinuteHound is the best biometric time clock.

The Best Biometric Time Clock Features Text And Email AlertsThat is not the only advantage of MinuteHound’s cloud server. Because the time clock is always online, it can inform the boss right away if someone clocks in late or clocks out early. He can be informed by email or text message. As a result, time updates arrive within seconds to any device. This feature is unique to MinuteHound, the best biometric time clock on the market.

The Best Biometric Time Clock Lets You Pay As You Go

You might expect to have to sign a contract or take a great risk to use the best biometric time clock. However, this is not the case. MinuteHound requires no long term obligations and you can cancel at anytime. It is completely risk free. It has barely any learning curve, is fully “plug and play” and works on any standard desktop PC. Knowing this, consider trying out MinuteHound at your business. You will be glad that you did!

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