DO NOT USE An Attendance System Using RFID! Biometrics Are Superior

Stop Using an Outdated Attendance System Using RFID Technology

When looking for a new time clock method, avoid using an attendance system using RFID badges or cards. These methods end up costing your company more money over the long run and don’t give the same level of security as a fingerprint reader. An attendance system using RFID cards and badges only checks to see if a particular badge was used to clock in or out, there is a significant chance of abuse when a company installs an attendance system using RFID.

Card or Badge Theft
Cards or badges can be stolen and used to clock people in even if they aren’t at work when using an attendance system using RFID. If an employee needs to leave late, they can give their card to another coworker and have them clock them out so it appears they have clocked out on time. This can cause your company money and can create conflict with the employee aiding their friend in the abuse. An attendance system using RFID doesn’t identify the person, it only identifies the card or badge swiped through the reader. Even when a photo ID gets printed on the card an attendance system using RFID badge or card, unless somebody checks the photo ID it won’t deter the time theft.

Attendance System Using RFID Maintenance
New and Improved Time Stamp MachineRFID badges, cards and keys require regular care. The machine can break down and the RFID device used by the employee can get lost, stolen or degrade with time. A company must include the cost of replacing RFID equipment, which over time can cost the company unnecessary money. Additionally, an attendance system using RFID cards and badges requires equipment and software upgrades when new options comes out. The cost to upgrade an entire system can be prohibitive. It is better for employers to install more efficient systems to replace an outdated attendance system using RFID.

Fingerprint Readers
Fingerprint readers provide a safe and secure alternative to an attendance system using RFID. Fingerprint readers can’t be fooled as the employee must physically clock in and out for work. Employers can get automatic notifications if an employee clocks in late or early. Additionally, an email or text message alert can be sent if an employee leaves late or early. Combined with the simple plug and play fingerprint reader and online access to records, you can quickly and easily get a safer time clock up and running. Managers can keep up to date records, ensure that only authorized employees clock in, reduce paperwork and get rid of problems associated with RFID maintenance and security. MinuteHound provides businesses with a simple, easy to use fingerprint reader that can recognize the unique fingerprint of your employees. All the employee has to do to clock in or out is place their finger on the reader.

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