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Deploying Attendance Time Clocks from MinuteHound

Employing cloud-based biometric identification, MinuteHound’s patented system stands alone in its ability to deliver a workforce reporting structure that’s based entirely in the cloud. MinuteHound’s attendance time clocks receive biometric input from fingerprint scanners to register each employee’s “in” and “out” punches. Achieving a level of efficiency and accuracy unrivaled by traditional attendance time clocks, MinuteHound will deliver your organization a wide array of benefits and the system can be deployed seamlessly into your workplace.

Unprecedented Control: The Benefits of MinuteHound’s Attendance Time Clocks
As much as you can appreciate teamwork, there are some group tactics that can hurt your organization and can enable a struggling employee. MinuteHound’s biometric scanner helps to eliminate time theft, or “buddy punching,” which consists of an employee clocking in coworkers. If Jim had a long night, for example, he could share his login credentials with Jane and ask that she clocked him in on time to cover for his absence. If Jim was at work and wanted to leave early, he could also ask Jane to clock him out when their shifts ended. With MinuteHound, an employee must be physically present in order to clock in or out.

MinuteHound’s notification system enhances your organization’s management by deliver text or email alerts to employees when a tardiness has occurred. In addition to notifying the subject of their tardiness, it can also apprise coworkers of the lateness so that they can be ready to step in. When there are too few or too many employees on the clock, MinuteHound can alert select managers of the situation.

Implementing MinuteHound’s Attendance Time Clocks

Stop Time Theft with Time And Attendance SoftwareFitted with a USB connection, MinuteHound’s biometric scanners require only the installation of a driver to deploy their attendance time clocks at your workplace. Enrolling an employee into the system take between one and two minutes, according to MinuteHound’s website. There’s no limit to the amount of employees you can enroll into your MinuteHound system. Multiple companies can share single MinuteHound terminals and their attendance data will be transmitted to their respective databases. You can also deploy MinuteHound’s attendance time clocks at multiple branches and have the attendance data uploaded to a single database.

Using MinuteHound’s attendance time clocks, your organization standing to reduce payroll cost by between two and eight percent, according to the American Payroll Association. The efficiency and accuracy of MinuteHound’s attendance systems has seen the technology adopted by more than 150,000 users worldwide, according to the company’s website. MinuteHound’s attendance systems are backed by a money-back guarantee, which includes free shipping on returning the hardware.

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