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Improving the Accuracy of Your Time Sheets with MinuteHound’s Time Attendance System

A combination of cloud-based time sheets and biometric time clocks can enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your attendance reporting, while reducing payroll costs. With the ability to reduce payroll cost by between two and eight percent, according to the American Payroll Association, and an estimate return on investment of up to 2300 percent, MinuteHound can deliver a marked improvement on your workforce management. MinuteHound holds a patent on cloud-based biometric identification, granting your unprecedented control in managing your workforce and preserving the accuracy of your payroll.

Ways MinuteHound’s Time Attendance System Benefits Your Workplace
Minimizes Time Theft. The biometric technology used by MinuteHound’s time attendance system prevents log in errors, which eliminates the need to reconcile time sheets and make guesses at which times an employee attempted to log in. Eliminates Buddy Punching. Because MinuteHound’s time attendance system using biometrics, you’ll no longer have to worry about employees clocking each other in.

Reduces Human Error. MinuteHound’s server-based software eliminates the need for punch cards and the errors that can introduce into your payroll. Anytime Access to Attendance Records. Using MinuteHound’s web portal, you can access your organization’s time sheet from any computer that’s connected to the web. The cloud-based software enables you to view time sheet in real time, enabling you to adjust your personnel to your organization’s needs.

Delivers Notifications of Schedule Deviations. If an employee is late, MinuteHound can deliver email and text messages to the tardy individuals and anyone else you feel should be aware of the issue. MinuteHound can also notify you when you have too many employees on the time clock or two few clocked in.

Setting Up a Time Attendance System from MinuteHound
Time & AttendanceMinuteHound’s time attendance system requires only a USB port on a web connected computer and a software driver for the biometric time clock. Enrolling employees into your time attendance system generally takes less than two minutes. And because MinuteHound uses biometric credentials, your employee won’t ever have to reset a password in order to clock in or out. You can deploy MinuteHound’s biometric time clocks at multiple location and have all of the attendance data reported to a single database.

Upgrade Your Workplace’s Time Attendance System Today
Optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your workplace’s attendance reporting. There’s no obligation to you or your organization when trying MinuteHound. MinuteHound offers a money back guarantee and will cover the cost of return shipping.

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