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Biometric Attendance: An Accurate and Sophisticated Time Card Substitute

For years, people had trouble with the accuracy of rudimentary biometric devices used for security. The idea was that you could simply swipe or place your finger on a surface and be identified by the system automatically as you entered and exited work.

Finally, as the 21st century got underway, and companies like MinuteHound were able to blend sophisticated software with the hardware that was available in order to allow all employees to easily clock in and clock out using a common fingerpad.

What Biometric Attendance Offers
Biometric attendance gives you several advantages over regular timecards. For one, it makes it impossible for someone to buddy stamp another person in. For each time card that is clocked in, there needs to be a corresponding fingerprint. If someone is not there, or late, they cannot fake their shift!

Biometric Attendance And Monitoring
Another advantage to Biometric attendance is that with systems like MinuteHound, there is a software package that allows management to have real-time reports. They can see when employees are logged in and when they are not onsite by viewing an online page which is constantly refreshed. If you have have had trouble with unauthorized overtime, this is a great tool to use to know exactly when and where people are logging in during the week. If someone makes a mistake and works too long, you can notify them right away instead of finding out at the end of the week and precipitating an awkward moment. There is often a very good reason for an employee to need to work extra time.

Biometric Attendance Provides Results!
Connect To Savings Using BiometricsThe net result of having a sophisticated biometric system to clock in and clock out at your company is that you will see results over time. According to the American Payroll Association, when you use biometric attendance in the workplace, you are likely to shrink your payroll costs by 2 to 8 percent overall. Of course, the most important thing as a manager is to ensure that you continue to monitor employee work status while you are at work so that you keep everything efficient.

Take A Look At Biometric Attendance In Person
One of the best ways to see how a system from MinuteHound can help you is to see it in person and walk through the steps that are taken by employees to punch in and out. You can also arrange to see biometric attendance interactively online. Either way, you will likely leave the presentation convinced that when the time is right, it will be a solid step for your HR department to take.

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