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Time Punch Clocks Get A Makeover From MinuteHound

Time punch clocks have been a longstanding part of any well-managed business. With a simple punch of a button or stamp of a card, your employees will check in and out of work so you don’t have to micromanage their attendance. Our new time punch clocks give you a new and improved option to help make monitoring attendance and payroll easier than ever.

High Tech Finger Print Time Punch Clocks Bring Your Workplace To The Future
You’re probably wondering what’s so great or different about these new time clocks. Well, with just the touch of a finger, employees can clock in and out. MinuteHound’s technology is set up so that employees sign in and out with their fingerprint. They simply place a finger on the scanner, and it identifies their unique print to clock them in or out.

The information is then sent into our patented cloud-based biometric identification system, and all their records are stored in one central easy to access location. The system will centralize, organize, and help you track all of your employee’s attendance histories so you don’t have to shuffle through dozens of time punch cards every week.

Our Time Punch Clocks Can Save You Big Bucks

Based on trial runs and MinuteHound’s current clients’ records, finger print identification time punch clocks can save companies up to 8% on their payroll. The American Payroll Association is able to support this data with their own studies. There are a couple ways this happens.

The first is the elimination of a habit called “buddy punching.” Buddy punching is when a friend or co-worker punches another person’s card in or out. Let’s say Alice and Steve are scheduled to work the same shift. Alice has a party she wants to go to, so she’s going to sneak out two hours early. With traditional time clocks, Steve would be able to cover for her by punching her time card at the same time he leaves when the shift is over. MinuteHound’s high tech finger print ID time clocks eliminate this possibility.

128-Bit Data Encryption Keeps Information SafeAnother way that money is saved is through the red flag warning system MinuteHound sets up. It allows managers to see when people are taking unscheduled or unapproved overtime. If someone consistently clocks out late, the manager can be notified of this so they can address the issue.

MinuteHound’s Time Punch Clocks Are Guaranteed To Save You Money

In fact, if they don’t save you money, you’ll get a full refund! You can send the system back, and MinuteHound will reimburse you for the time punch clocks you purchased, as well as the shipping it takes to return the system.

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