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Cloud-based Attendance Tracking Software: Futuristic Attendance Management System

As competition between businesses grows, it becomes more and more important for businesses to implement systems and strategies that result in cost-saving. A very common practice found in companies across the world is the tendency to abuse the attendance tracking software. Such abuses often lead to unusually high financial expenses for the company. MinuteHound offers a solution to this widely-prevalent problem. With its patented cloud-based attendance tracking system, MinuteHound eliminates false workplace reporting of time, yielding instant effects on the company payroll.

Attendance Tracking Software: Harness the Power of Time
Time is one of the most precious assets a business can have. To keep up with change, companies have to exert a lot, and while other resources can be purchased or rented out, you only have a set number of hours that limit your ability to reach the impossible. To maximize the potential of your business work hours, consider using an attendance tracking system that monitors employee working hours accurately.

Foolproof Attendance Tracking Software
If you’re considering switching from a manual attendance system to an automated solution, then there’s no point in installing a product that is still liable to abuse. You will get the benefits from digitization of payroll activity when you make the transition from a manual to an automated system. But at that point, you must consider the added benefits of implementing an automated system that not only gives your employees a user-friendly interface and a simple clocking method, but also leads to financial gains for the company.

How Attendance Tracking Software Work?
A cloud-based attendance tracking software, such as MinuteHound gives user a simple method of clocking in via biometric terminals installed in a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is connected to a computer that transmits fingerprint data to a remote server located safely in a distant place. This makes it impossible for anyone to alter the attendance data, preventing false reporting practices as well as buddy-punching. The transmitted data is then made available to the responsible individuals in the form of reports used for structuring the payroll and shaping other employee management activities.

Do Attendance Tracking Software Really Save Money?
Fingerprint Time Clock Uses 128-Bit EncryptionCompanies can save a lot of money by implementing a cloud-based attendance tracking software, such as MinuteHound. According to the American Payroll Association estimates, a company may witness up to 8 percent increase in payroll following the installation of MinuteHound.

SMS-based Alerts and Updates from Attendance Tracking Software
Receive SMS-based alerts and updates with MinuteHound software to keep a check on the late-comers. If an employee is late for work, an SMS is sent out to the employee and the concerned manager, implementing a foolproof check and balance system in attendance.

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